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AI for your workplace

Simple, secure, and accessible communication for the board, executives, employees, and, not the least, your customers. There are many opportunities here. Are you ready to join the AI journey?

Our products

ChatGPT for the workplace

– Simple, secure, and accessible

We’re setting up a chat companion for your employees on your own domain chat.yourdomain.no. This way, your employees have easy access to assistance with professional questions. GDPR compliance is ensured as all submitted data is deleted.

Chat with your data

– AI for Intranet and Websites

A tailored AI chat trained on your data so that it can provide qualified answers based on selected URLs or file uploads. Chatting with your data on the intranet provides employees with immediate access to information. With an AI chat on the website, you can offer faster and better customer service.

ChatGPT training

– Training for all employees

We provide your employees with an introduction to ChatGPT, showing them how it works and how they can use the technology to work better and more efficiently. The training will give the company a solid advantage by enabling employees to leverage the opportunities presented by AI right now.

ChatGPT for the workplace

Grant employees access to ChatGPT-4 on chat.yourdomain.no. We have developed a corporate solution with:

  • Access to GPT-4 for all employees
  • GDPR-compliant (submitted data is deleted)
  • Priority access (24/7)
  • Your company’s logo and color profile
  •  Pre-made templates for instructions
Chat UI

Chat with yourdata – intranet

What if you could talk to the financial statement, product catalog, inventory, or intranet?

It’s actually possible! Now your employees can ask questions to the company’s files, websites, and business systems – and get answers! This provides the opportunity for:

  • Quick access to information
  • Improved customer service
  • Better data reporting and recommendations
  • Reduced risk of errors in data reporting
  • Continuous training and professional development
Profesjonell dame med illustrasjoner i bakgrunn

Chat with your data – website

What if your customers could get answers to their questions exactly when they need them? What if you could offer help around the clock?

An AI chat on your website can provide quick and excellent customer service by answering both general and more technical questions. When necessary, it can transfer the conversation to an advisor or guide further to the right information.

An AI chatbot can typically assist visitors with tasks such as:

  • Answering frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Assisting in the purchase process (payment, shipping, discount code)
  • Guiding visitors to relevant resources
  • Transferring the conversation to a human advisor
  • Offering customer service in multiple languages
Dame chatter med en AI Chatbot

ChatGPT courses

We often see that employees are interested in courses on how to get started with AI tools like ChatGPT. With us, they can receive training on how to utilize the technology optimally by providing it with good instructions. This will give the company a significant advantage as employees already start using the tool and the opportunities it provides.

We offer training for all employees in the practical use of ChatGPT and the possibilities the technology offers. The course can be tailored to each individual company.

Mann chatter med ChatGPT

Why choose Frontkom?

Ensure the best customer experience:

  • We cater to large and mid-sized organizations in Norway.
  • We deliver both customer-facing (external) and internal technology solutions, or both.
  • We ensure precision and follow-up throughout the entire project phase.
  • We are available to our customers after the project for ongoing chat development and competence enhancement of the customer’s employees.

Advantages of Frontkom:

  • We partner with Norway’s top AI providers.
  • We are a full-service technology and marketing agency with an understanding of both the technology and how it can be leveraged for customer service and marketing.
  • We provide advice and guidance on the choice of use cases and scope.
  • We have our own AI team that assists customers with AI-based technology consulting.
  • We assist with seamless integration of chat on your websites, towards contact centers, and towards your business applications and services.
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What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a computer program that can be trained with data and use it in conversations – as if it were a human.

How do AI chatbots work?

AI chatbots use computer algorithms and artificial intelligence to understand and respond to messages or questions from humans.

Such a chatbot can rely on (1) open data from the internet, (2) its own data from file uploads, scanning of URLs, or integration with the company’s systems such as CRM, PIM, and ERP, or it can be (3) custom trained by training it on various questions and scenarios, as well as correcting what it should respond to specific questions.

What are the benefits of an AI chatbot?

A chatbot offers significant opportunities for streamlining and automation within sales, marketing, customer service, and HR. By providing information more quickly, easily, and accurately, a chatbot will reduce the workload of employees. It can handle customer inquiries, orders, and complaints, as well as contribute to providing better customer experiences and increased sales by providing personalized recommendations.

Can AI chatbots replace humans?

AI chatbots can handle simple and repetitive tasks, but they cannot completely replace humans. However, they can assist us in a way that allows humans and technology together to provide better customer experiences. There is great potential in developing and leveraging the interaction between humans and AI chatbots.

How accurate and precise are AI chatbots in understanding and answering customer questions?

The accuracy of AI chatbots depends on how well they are trained and the complexity of the questions they receive. If they are trained with the right data, they will quickly sift through vast amounts of data and find the answer you, your employees, or your customers are seeking.

How can I train an AI chatbot to understand and answer specific customer questions?

To train an AI chatbot, you need to provide it with data and examples of the types of questions it will receive. The chatbot can then use this data to improve its responses over time.

What are best practices for using AI for customer service?

We recommend having a clear purpose for the chatbot and training it to provide a seamless user experience. For more complex questions it is not trained to answer, one should have a human fallback option.

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Per André Rønsen

Per André Rønsen

Senior AI-advisor