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Interaction design

When developing an app, a digital service or software, it’s not enough that it looks pretty and is easy to navigate through. Interaction design considers that the solution should respond to what the user is doing.

We study how your customers are using your solution, so that it responds in human-friendly and effective ways.

What is interaction design?

Interaction design is about creating the experience that systems, software and digital services understand what the user wishes to do.

  • Words should give customers the right amount of information
  • Images and icons should help customers find their way around
  • Physical objects like laptops or smartphones should react appropriately to the user’s actions
  • The system’s reaction time Should be related to its purpose
  • The system should change based on the user’s actions

We make sure your solutions work in the real world. No matter who uses them.

Why invest in interaction design?

  • Make your solution usable to the intended audience
  • Increase the likelihood that your solution will be used
  • Make your solution fun to work with
  • Avoid having to use complimentary solutions
  • Good interaction design contributes to building your brand

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How we help you with interaction design


We investigate target groups, use cases and your business field


We plan the solution together


We optimize the user interface to streamline your solution

Make your digital product a delight to use

We understand you, your industry and your users in order to create safe interactions with your digital product.

Together we explore pain points, required functionality and future wishes – to give users the best possible experience with your product.

Give users digital products which predict what they want to do. Contact us