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Measure the value of your brand

The Brandr-index is made to make reporting on your brand development informative, clear and visual.

15 years of statistical labour and academic research has uncovered which factors are most important when measuring the strength of your brand.

The Brandr-index is used to track the brands of hundreds of companies in Europe as an analytic tool to understand brand performance.

Optimize marketing

  • See the effect of your marketing and increase ROI on marketing investments
  • Find out if your customers are satisfied with your product or service
  • See which areas of your marketing creates the strongest awareness
  • identify gaps between internal and external awareness
  • Set relevant goals and get more focused and engaged employees

Why measure your brand?

  • This brand tracking process measure your brand’s market position
  • The Index measures to what extent your marketing activities reach your audience
  • Users of the index improve their bottom line by deliver better return to their owners. Our clients use the knowledge gained to make better strategic decisions

What does the Brandr Index measure?



Measures how unique your brand is with customers, and how it differs from other brands in your industry



Measures how your brand communicates with its different target segments, and its appeal to customers


Perception and reputation

Measures the customer experiences with the brand


Social responsibility and sustainability

Measures the brand’s strength related to social issues

How does the brand audit work?


Customer survey

is sent to a representative selection of clients. Takes about 4 minutes to complete.


Data is processed

and anonymized and analyzed automatically.


Report is presented

with results. Often in a workshop with the company management.


Actions are suggested

on how to improve the score for the next time around.

At 66°North we use Brandrindex to measure our brand positioning. The results from the report are very useful in our marketing

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