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Google Ads and paid traffic

Increase your visibility, traffic and revenue with paid ads. Advertise directly to your target group based on retargeting, defined searches and custom target groups.

Social media and Google

Google started a marketing revolution with Google Ads. 15 years later they are still king of the hill while Facebook Ads now overlap in a large part of the ad market.

Both offer marketers an extreme level of detail, and reveal which of your ads perform the best. Click Through Rate (CTR), views, cost of keywords and much more.

Making effective Google Ads-campaigns is a matter of industry knowledge (which you have) and expertise (which we have).

Here is how we can help you with digital ads

We build the marketing around your existing and potential customers to help them access relevant content

Google Partners

As a certified Google Partner we know Google Ads and analytics like the back of our hand, and are always current on the functionalities and methods which help you sell.

See the big picture

Our experience with every piece of a website, both tech and content related, enables us to see the whole conversion process in context, not just from an advertising perspective.

Social media

Paid ads in social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram is an effective way of gaining visibility. We build audiences, make ads and analyze data for optimization.

20 years in the business

Making ads requires some technical insight, but the most important aspect is having the mind of a salesperson. Through the years we have learned a thing or two about developing copy which converts to sales.

Semrush Agency Partner

Frontkom is a Semrush Partner, which enables us to make comprehensive keyword strategies, keep tabs on your site’s health, and much more.

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This is how we work


We gather to define opportunities, strategy and goals. This workshop deals with customer segments, KPIs, sales funnels and competitor mapping.


Your account is configured, including campaigns and ad groups. Then we produce ads with the latest in ad techniques.


Google Ads isn’t “fire-and-forget”. It’s vital to follow up and optimize evey campaign. 90% of all Google Ads campaigns aren’t even optimized once a month!

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