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Digital strategy

Build your solutions based on a clear definition of business goals, capabilities, and well understood client needs.

Data-driven insight empowers you to create a user experience that’s tailored to your customers at every touchpoint of their journey through your product. This is your digital strategy.

With over 20 years of experience, we will guide you in making well informed decisions, based on a solid data foundation.

It all starts with data insights

  • Before you begin building anew, first understand what you already know.
  • Your insights should be based on data, not assumptions.
  • We help you set up data gathering and analysis tools, and act upon the insight they provide.
  • Proper data analysis and reporting gives you the most crucial information to measure your business efforts.

Three steps to data-driven decision-making

  1. Identify conversions
    A conversion is a key action that you want your users to perform, such as a purchase or  donation. Actions that lead to these sales, like newsletter signups and content engagement, are also important. To create your step-by-step roadmap to conversion, start by identifying these key actions.
  2. Identify drivers, barriers and triggers
    Understand what drives people to your website, pinpoint  where and why they drop off, and find the triggers that will convince them to take the desired action.
  3. Set up toolbox and measurements
    We provide you with a set of analytic tools to help you understand your business, and custom-build a set of metrics that allow you to constantly improve your user experience.

How we will work together


Initial meeting


Tracking and monitoring tools setup



Trace the steps of your customer journey

Map your customer journey and find touchpoints where you can engage and delight them.

How customer journey mapping will help your project

  • Understand your customers.
    By learning the needs and pains of different customers, you’ll know what makes them tick and can give them exactly what they seek.
  • Connect to the right people.
    A customer journey allows you to properly segment marketing activities, delivering the right message to the right person.
  • Save time and budget.
    Avoid spending resources on irrelevant marketing efforts that miss their target.
  • Align your team.
    Creating a customer journey is a process that involves different departments. This cooperation broadens awareness and knowledge among teams, and aligns their understanding of the business and your customer.

Content strategy

To communicate meaningfully with your users and funnel them effectively, focus on your content strategy.

We help you choose the right content, personalise it and put it in front of your customer.

If you already have a content platform, it’s best to start with a content audit so you fully understand what you have and how it works.

Content management

To harness the full power of your content, you need to be able to manage it efficiently.

Frontkom’s Gutenberg specialist has extensively developed the new block editor for both Drupal and WordPress. With this cloud-based solution, you’ll be able to prepare and manage content on the fly.

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