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Hubspot CRM

CRM (Customer relationship management) is the core of communication with your audience, and will help you create long lasting and beneficial relationships. A well managed CRM software system is vital to be able to grow your business online, and will streamline communication between your sales and marketing teams, and your customers.

If you want to take your business’ digital presence to the next level, we’ll be there to help you increase customer satisfaction, improve your marketing campaigns and optimize your customer journey through quality marketing automation.

What is good customer relationship management?

To manage your customers well, you need a way to talk to many of them at once and at the same time give each the attention they require. A good CRM will enable you to keep your customers’ attention through giving them valuable content, track their interactions with your site and define their place in the sales funnel, all in one platform.

Enter the Hubspot CRM platform, which helps you bring potential customers to your site, turn them into leads and convert those leads into sales through automated customer journeys.

Reduce your workload

Our dedicated CRM experts analyze your existing customer data and give you the tools you need to create long lasting customer relationships though analytics tracking, email marketing, quality content, contact management and customer support. Automation relieves you of doing repetitive tasks, and personalization lets you focus on each of your target groups all at once.

The customer management cycle

  1. Create valuable content
  2. Let your customers know about it though email marketing and SEO
  3. Analyze customer interactions
  4. Qualify leads into MQLs through lead scoring
  5. Nurture relationships though personalization
  6. Turn your most valuable leads into SQLs with your sales team

The Hubspot CRM platform

The strength of the Hubspot CRM system is that it lets you manage every interaction with customers through your website in one place. From creating content to posting on social media to handling customer information, it enables you to create a great customer experience on your website. Its many features might seem daunting, but that’s where we come in.

Hubspot Partner

Frontkom is a certified Hubspot partner, and therefore have direct and regular contact with Hubspot itself. This enables us to stay on top of any new features or functionality that could help your business grow.

Hubspot certified partner logo

We’re with you all the way

We’ll get you onboarded and ready to use the full power of the platform. We know how to spend your resources wisely, cooperate with and teach your existing teams, and create holistic customer experiences throughout your sales process.

Hubspot’s tools

The Hubspot CRM software works through hubs, from which you can pick and choose which you need the most. You can just use it for marketing, marketing and sales, or customer service. You can even host your entire website on Hubspot, and utilize its drag and drop features to the fullest.

Reliable lead generation

Better customer experiences lead to more qualified contacts. If your content and workflows are helpful and well designed, the customer management software does the rest. Let us guide you through the process and help you on the way to deliver quality leads week after week.