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In most development projects, it’s necessary to get two systems to talk with each other and exchange data. Frontkom has broad experience with a wide variety of systems.

What is an integration?

An integration is a setup that allows different systems to exchange information. This is usually done via an API (Application Programming Interface), often called web services or programming interfaces. An API makes information available to other systems in a structured format that is readable by computers.

Some typical uses for integrations are CRM, marketing tools, payment solutions, ERP and shared login solutions. The most common standards for an API are REST and SOAP.

Open source projects, such as WordPress, Drupal and NodeJS, often have existing modules that you can use, customize and further develop for your purpose.

Below is a selection of integrations we have worked with for our customers in recent years.


A system for sending SMS messages and receiving payments via CPA/GAS


Single Sign-on user authentication via SimpleSAML

Gengo Translation

Integration with Gengo Translation for page content translation


Integration with an SMS provider for sending SMS messages and registering payment via CPA/GAS over the telephone bill

Prime Translation

Integration with Prime Translation for page content translation


SMSpay integration that allows users to sign up for competitions via Sendgrid


Integration of enrollment into courses. Submission of form data used to build segments in Mailchimp.


Development of a Cordova/Phonegap wrapper plugin for the Aspera FASP library

Focus CRM

Synchronization against a custom CRM


Submissions and status of loan applications


Submissions and status of loan applications

Easy Bank

Submissions and status of loan applications


Submissions and status of loan applications

Google Analytics

Data retrieval to show custom dashboard. Tracking of various data to Analytics, including eCommerce tracking.

Avida Finans

Submission of bank applications

Centum Finans

Submission of bank applicationSubmission of bank applications


Submission and update of customer data to email marketing automation system

Facebook Ads

Retrieves Lead generation data from Facebook ads

Google Drive

Development of a custom module that displays the contents of a specific folder on Google Drive


Enables login via Feide for teachers and students

Media Connect

Custom module for Drupal Commerce that makes it possible to use MediaConnect in the order flow.

iKnowBase CMS

Retrieves content from iKnowBase proprietary CMS for use in mobile app


Custom urls from different products, making sure that 3rd party design studio show the product that the visitor is currently viewing


Development of a custom payment module for Drupal Commerce


Retrieves product data to display in WooCommerce online store. Includes advanced logic for discounts and stock status

NTB sportsresultater

Retrieves sports results and displays them dynamically in tables on online newspaper websites


Integrates the study plans in EmWeb to HiVolda’s website


Tailored integration for SMS payment wall for movies hosted on Vimeo.


Made a wrapper module for DIBS PaymentWindow and Flexwin API. Integration to retrieve and process payments via card


Integration with Mailchimp and Mandrill API for sending customized emails, as well as notification for customers and retailers


Copy-pasted from Hubspot into content


For use in gorgeous admin panel


Submissions and status of loan applications


Submissions and status of loan applications


Sending data and events to Autopilot to create segments used for customized email and SMS follow-up.


Directorate for Building Safety. Checking companies for Central approval


Retrieves openly available information about Norwegian companies

Brreg regnskapsregister

Retrieves accounting information for Norwegian companies


Retrieves publications and lists of writers for employees in the Hivolda


Checks the tradesmen’s status in the Master Register

UiB Sebra

Connect to member database to view information and contact information about researchers

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