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Workshops help you clarify, plan and execute your project. Align all stakeholders and make sure that your time and budget is spent wisely.

Make sure that all ideas hit the table, the best will be selected and arranged into a map to your project’s success.

Why workshops with Frontkom?

Ready for remote

All of our workshops are ready to be done digitally, using online tools, making them flexible and cost-effective.

Our specialists got your back

Each workshop is conducted by business consultants and specialists in a given field. 
They will be your team’s guide.

Proven formula

Our workshop setup is based on proven exercises and formulas.

Actionable outcome

After each workshop you receive a report and set of recommendations that will allow you to plan your next moves.

Turn your idea into tested proof of concept with Design Sprint

Between your idea and its’ success lies a great unknown. Cross it in just a few days with Design Sprint workshops.

Design Sprint is a proven workshop which became an industry-standard in quick developing solutions.
It is a whole project scaled down, but containing all essential elements to  allow you to define the core features of your idea and test it in the real world.

When to use Design Sprint?

  • Test an idea for a product
  • Speed up building a MVP version of a product
  • Improve an existing digital product
  • Add a new feature to your feature
  • When targeting new users group
  • And many more

What you will get

  • Compress months worth of ideation, development and prototyping into a week
  • Get answers to critical business and functional questions posed by your idea
  • Solution prototyped and tested on real user
  • Expert advice on next steps in the project

Clients say

Thanks to you all for the workshop, it was definitely full-on! We all really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it for the website and also the business as a whole.

Patrick Hall, CEO of SWC Partnership

Give your brand a new voice with Branding Workshops

Creating or re-imagining a brand is a series of decisions that will impact your business for years. That’s why it shouldn’t be built on vague assumptions and driven by personal tastes only.

Branding Workshop allows you to turn an abstract idea of ‘brand’ into something much more tangible your entire team can agree on and work with.

It is also a vital part of our branding process.

Branding workshop will help you to

  • Define the values behind your brand
  • Define your brand’s personality and tone of voice
  • Pinpoint your brands key audiences and competitors
  • Understand how to reach your audience with your brands message
  • Define how your brand can reflect the nature of your product
  • Align views and expectations all the stakeholders on your brand

What you will get

In simple words – when somebody asks anybody in your team “what is your brand all about?”, they will all have the same answer. And it will be a good one.

Crack open any process with Event Storming workshop

Event Storming is an innovative approach for modeling business processes or requirements engineering. It is a lightweight workshop designed for collaborative discovery of the project’s domain without any technical prerequisites.

But most of all – It’s about a dialogue!

When to use Event Storming?

Process mapping

Align stakeholders across departments. Map the whole business process to get an invaluable asset for developing or changing your way of working. Since the process is lightweight, it does not require any special technical knowledge or expertise. Any participant can add value during the workshop.

Product development

Use the outcomes of the workshop as a starting point to plan the architecture of your project. You will also pinpoint questions and problems that needs to be addressed before implementation.

What you will get

The goal of Event Storming is to create a business model that can be used during implementation and development, to get the big picture of the product environment, its needs and goals, and to assess its complexity.

Who should use Event Storming?


Learn about threats and opportunities that lie ahead of your project and plan accordingly.

Mature businesses

Model the business process that is happening across various departments and present it in a form that is understood by both software engineers and stakeholders.

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