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Every purchase can be a good deed

FaniMani supports over 5900+ charity organizations in gathering funds. Every time a FaniMani user makes a purchase from one of over 1000+ partner e-commerce stores, a percentage of the amount paid goes to the charity of the user’s choosing. Simple and amazing.


Charity through our smartphone

FaniMani was initially only a desktop plugin, but our client was aware of the potential of mobile e-commerce shopping and wished to expand the product for a good cause.

Since it launched 6 years ago, e-commerce trends have shifted, and thus new challenges for FaniMani have arisen. FaniMani users, until only recently, shopped almost exclusively from desktop computers and have only now started to do their e-shopping on mobile. FaniMani chose us to help them boldly enter the age of mobile commerce.

The key goal was to translate the FaniMani business model from desktop to mobile in order to re-engage their loyal users and attract new ones. The priority was to keep it as simple and easy to use as a browser plug-in.

Our job was to enable our client to deliver a functional mobile experience to its users and grow its potential for raising money for charity.

After the initial meetings with the FaniMani team, we set primary project goals:

  • Translate FaniMani business model from desktop to mobile.
  • Make sure that the mobile solution will be compatible with all of over 1 000 partner stores.
  • Make it accessible both on iOS and Android.
  • Keep mobile apps as user-friendly as a simple browser plug-in or even better.
  • Keep up with the tight schedule.

Seamless mobile shopping

FaniMani App is first and foremost a gateway to ecommerce stores. With over 1,000 stores aggregated, operating on various principles, we focused on a solution that allowed us to handle all exceptions and connect them all in the app. In the end all ecommerce stores are accessible through application.

User chooses the shop and seamlessly enters it with FaniMani and all the shopping done afterwards yields donations to the charity chosen before by the app user.

To drive engagement, we have designed additional features to allow donors to pick their favorite stores, check their donation total and store promotions.

Good relationships and proven processes mean smooth development

The foundation for this project’s success was built 
on a tight relationship with the FaniMani team. Open discussions and frequent meetings allowed for smooth and efficient decision-making.

Development started with the analysis phase. Our design team conducted UX audits of similar solutions already on the market, including a review of app store user reviews.

For prototyping, we used interactive wireframes that allowed the FaniMani team to easily understand, discuss and accept all user interface features. Design concepts came in three different iterations to give the FaniMani team space for exploration and dialogue over their preferred application style.

Smart tech use for smoother development

Working within a limited budget, we developed the app using hybrid app technology, which allowed for simultaneous delivery to both Apple Appstore and Google Play for Android. This also yielded time savings and easier future app maintenance.

To additionally speed up the development, we avoided building native applications from scratch and used the Expo platform. Introducing popular and modern native app development libraries enabled FaniMani to launch the app quicker and more cost-effectively.

An easy way to make your mobile purchases work for a good cause

With all stores accessible through one application, FaniMani became the go-to app for anybody who wishes to buy and do some social good at the same time.

The design of the app ensures absolutely minimal friction during shopping. We made sure to not drive away the buyers’ attention from the purchase path, but let them shop with minimal extra effort while still locking in valuable donations.

Additional features, like push notifications and a favourite shops list, helps engage users and improves app retention.

FaniMani users can now easily support their favorite charities with their purchases on smartphones.

The new app was warmly received both by the client and users, scoring a 4.9 rating in the Google Play app store.

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