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Sustainable electricity around the globe

Fortum is an energy solution provider from Finland that operates, among others, in Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Baltic States, Russia and India.

They provide their customers with electricity, heat and cooling, and intelligent solutions for sustainable cities. Fortum generates over 60% of electricity without CO2 emissions.

Content creators looked for help

Fortum reached to us for help with their websites for the Nordic countries. The Forum’s digital presence is the work of over a hundred creators from around the world. For those creators, building and modifying a single page was a complicated job, requiring tons of hours of tedious work. It was a horrible experience, which Fortum correctly diagnosed, and something had to be done about it.

We took on this task, knowing that our Drupal consultants and specialists can help Fortum and its content creators save hundreds of hours and focus on creating relevant content for their clients.

New ways of working

A big change is not only a system implementation but also a step-change from a business process perspective. Throughout the project, a strong group of our consultants was involved in supporting it. When everything was ready from the business side, we were ready to implement a solution – a Drupal 9 block-based CMS – Drupal Gutenberg.

Full support at all levels

Fortum is a large organization with a complicated structure, so our expert’s engagement provided an additional boost to the organization so that processing change could run much smoother. Together with the client, we focused on supporting communication, decision making and internal project management.

Once we got to know the organization well, we could move on to action – content workshops, regular meetings and close cooperation allowed us to create a lightweight, flexible editor that allows managing content in multiple countries.

Once the solution was in place, our consultants have conducted training for creators to start working with the new CMS effectively.

Happy content creators = better content

What used to take hours can now be done in minutes. With extensive editing options and a focus on UX, Fortum content creators loved our solution.

They can create and improve content 80% faster than before. Now they can finally focus on what they want to say, not on how to do it.

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