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In need of a sales boost and brand awareness

In search of innovation and a fresh approach, the PR department of Mitsubishi Motors Poland was looking for a solution to use positive press mentions to support sales and marketing departments.

The average piece of media or online content about a product ‘lives’ for about 2 days, after which it’s buried deep in the void of the Internet. Finding this content and cataloguing it to use it effectively is resource hungry and time-consuming.

Łukasz Wójcik, Marketing Director of Mitsubishi Motors Polska reached out to Netkata to get help with an idea for a solution to this problem that was efficient, easy to use and simple to implement into the team’s current marketing and sales departments.

Media about Mitsubishi is born

The response to this problem was ‘Media about Mitsubishi’, an intuitive platform that turns any media mentions into a selling tool in just a few minutes. The platform integrates media monitoring tools, allowing for easy and automated selection, distribution and publication of positive media mentions about Mitsubishi Motors Polska.

  • Up to date information is crucial when trying to sell a product. Now, the Mitsubishi sales teams, dealers and partners get fresh independent news about the brand, daily.
  • Rather than burden the social media team with more work, the ‘Media about Mitsubishi’ platform helps the team manage all mentions with a simple to use browser plugin.
  • The marketing and sales team now has access to the latest independent reviews and opinions and can automate and monitor the distribution of that content through all marketing channels.
  • ‘Media about Mitsubishi’ works alongside third-party social monitoring tools, already used by the PR team, to do what they don’t – automatically engaging with and re-sharing mentions.
  • Custom integration with Mitsubishi Motors means that the tools work seamlessly with all other marketing software.
  • Marketers can add their own content to the Mitsubishi Motors media mentions catalogue with a simple click, and mark each piece with a relevant tag or category, making it easier to find and reuse content at a later date.
  • With a comprehensive admin panel, administrators can completely customize the automatic emails that are sent to Mitsubishi Motors’ sales teams, dealers and partners every day. They can edit content, add or remove links and alter images, categories or descriptions to make sure the best independent content is used to spread the Mitsubishi name.

Smoother sales and automated PR

At 8 am every day, 48 Mitsubishi dealers all over Poland, their sales teams and their partners receive an email containing all the latest brand and product mentions.

This helps Mitsubishi Motors Polska’s marketing and sales teams create a consistent and up-to-the-minute message about the brand and its products, shaped by the latest independent reviews, opinions, and news.

Client says

Media about Mitsubishi is where we collect the latest positive reviews about our brand on the Internet. This is a powerful tool for our PR, by giving positive and most important independent reviews we support sales of our cars at Mitsubishi dealers.

Łukasz Wójcik · Mitsubishi Motors

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