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More ways than one lead to Rome

In the search for a seamless user experience which caters to a plethora of user roles, MF School of Theology, Religion and Society wanted to upgrade their website to fit their modern teaching environment. The result is a spacious and easily navigable site which seamlessly leads users through their individual journeys.

A delightful experience for content creators

Modern websites don’t only need to look smashing; they also have to be easy (and fun) to work with. Old, rigid Drupal 7 templates were replaced with the Gutenberg editor to create an exciting yet comfortable space in which to let their creativity flow.

Using Gutenberg for Drupal, they are now able to tailor each article to more effectively reach its target audience. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s fun to use as well.

Insight is key

The site had to take many user roles into account: Writers, researchers, journalists, library staff, current students, potential students, and more. Frontkom worked alongside the school to identify what the different users were looking for.

Together we found the school’s position relative to their competitors, categorized their current user base, and interviewed potential students, all in order to find out how to create efficient user paths to their goals. They were also given tools to help them find what content to prioritize to be able to reach their business goals.

We used the core model workshop to build content on the most important landing pages, both for students and researchers. One size doesn’t always fit all.

Targeted design

Every design decision, from colors to graphical elements to the school logo, were grounded in insight found in the discovery phase as well as their previous design impression. The goal was to create a modern take on traditional elements, while making the site as easy as possible to navigate through.

Technical Mojo

Before we began the project we had our brightest minds analyze and evaluate the technical aspect of the previous solution. The entire technical setup was mapped out in advance, including the steps required to move to a new platform version.

Staying on Drupal was a given: No other CMS can compete when it comes to serving complex edu-sites. Implementing Drupal 9 ensures that the school will be able to easily update to later versions of the CMS, without the hassle that previous iterations have caused.

A CMS that answers to ambition

Drupal is the industry leader in the edu-sector – Top universities have used Drupal for years.

  • Drupal shines when the content base is large, the departments are many and the hierarchies are complex.
  • Drupal Gutenberg is a tried and tested way to introduce a great editor experience.
  • Drupal is flexible when it comes to integrations, workflows and custom backend UI’s.

Frontkom is also the creator of the Drupal university distribution – a Drupal-based solution dedicated to universities and colleges. By combining our experience with the right technology, we built a solid site which serves as the perfect foundation for growth.

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