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Avani – a Portuguese love brand

Avani is a cosmetics brand created by a small Lisbon based company. Cherished by loyal customers for producing premium products locally, they sell via carefully selected beauty salons throughout the country as well as online.

Avani donates 10% of their income to a non-profit in India, providing education to children.

Big digital opportunities held back

The company has long seen big potential in e-commerce. Sadly, due to accrued technological debt and not having the right partner to move boldly, they did not capitalize on it yet.

The issues concerned security and lack of ongoing maintenance, performance and speed, high hosting costs, as well as UX impediments of the checkout process – all resulting in low conversion rates and low ROI from investing in online sales.

Working on the right solutions

We have first diagnosed together the most pressing issues from the customers’ and from the business perspective.

Our approach was to fix the basics and build for the future. A UX, analytics and conversion audit, as well as a security review, and an analysis of customers’ support feedback, provided us with a list of well-defined change priorities.

Safety first

The most immediate fixes needed were strictly related to security – a thorough security audit resulted in patching up all discovered vulnerabilities, applying the newest updates to WordPress, WooCommerce and all plugins, and introducing anti-spam mechanisms and improved security measures.

Solid performance boost

After making sure the site is safe, we’ve improved its performance. The speed of a website affects both overall customer experience and conversion rates, and SEO results because Google values and ranks higher the sites that work well.

We’ve thus commenced a performance audit and proceeded to make the site lean and fast. Substantial improvements were achieved in page load times, which made shopping with Avani much swifter.

UX improvements that answered real customers’ needs

Thanks to a loyal following, the company has heaps of feedback and ideas for improvement from their customers. Having researched and prioritized it against Avani’s business needs. In combination with our exports audits, we’ve designed and implemented a host of new features and improvements during our cooperation, including:

  • additional payment methods (Stripe, MBway and Multibanco)
  • full checkout process overhaul and UX improvement in collaboration with internal Avani marketing and design team
  • universal design and mobile-ready storefront
  • new digital product catalogue
  • product reviews system

Saving costs and improving the administration

Understanding the importance of operations and logistics in an eCommerce business, we’ve also invested effort into improving back-office administrative processes’ flow and usability. Improvements in content and product management, automated DHL shipping integration and CMS panel resulted in a lot of time saved for the store administrators.

Another substantial saving – in recurring hosting costs – was achieved simultaneously with an overhaul of Avani’s hosting setup, freeing funds for more strategic investments.

Building for the future

With a thriving foundation, we have laid out plans for the next steps.

  • We aim to solidify Avani customers’ ambassadorship and growth with a long-term content strategy – based on well researched Personas, Jobs To Be Done, and Customer Journeys. No customer concern, question or doubt will be left unanswered at any stage of the buying process.
  • To empower Avani’s management to make data-driven business decisions based on customer Life-Time Value, we envision an implementation of a comprehensive analytics and optimization ecosystem.
  • Finally, to make the brand ready for international scaling, we’ve planned service design and the organization’s digital transformation strategy.

We have an exciting digital journey with plentiful opportunities ahead of Avani!

Results achieved together

The results we have achieved with Avani have been astounding. In just 6 months, the conversion rate grew from 1.14% to over 6%. Yes, the customers do love the brand and Avani’s exceptional products. During our cooperation, the revenue from online sales grew by a whopping 790%.

And we are only getting started.

Client says

We had a meeting with Frontkom and immediately realised it would be the right choice for us. We have been working together for about a year now and are very satisfied with their performance. We highly recommend them!

Homni Bhanji · CEO of Avani Professional

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