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About Expander

Expander is the first ever and industry-leading independent financial advisory service in Poland. With over 80 branches they are still expanding dynamically for the last 18 years.

Expander’s advisers have mediated hundreds of thousands of loans, and guided customers in purchasing investments and insurance products.

The challenge

The Expander website – a key source of leads for the company – was established in 2012. But after few years, it looked aged, and showing its age through its deviations from the latest standards. It lacked essential elements of a modern website:

  • No mobile compatibility
  • Unintuitive navigation
  • Inconsistent business process automation affordances

The solution

WordPress was the go-to technology for this situation. Its versatility and familiarity was known to  the Expander team, and the ease of use was another important feature.

The WordPress build had the following features:

  • Multiple back-office integrations
  • Automated marketing processes
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Comprehensively tested
  • SEO optimised

Our cooperation continues with a 24/7 comprehensive Service Level Agreement, ensuring uninterrupted and optimal performance of the site.

How we worked

We worked closely with Expander throughout the whole website creation process and post-launch to ensure that our design, as well as the whole implementation were on target, and suitable for the client’s needs.

As with any fintech digital product, the website also underwent thorough third-party penetration tests to confirm security, SEO treatment, and extensive User Acceptance Test procedures as well as the usual integration, system and functionality tests. This was especially crucial since Expander’s web presence is directly tied to their ability to generate income.


The system was built on the most popular content management system — WordPress. Its popularity ensures continued support from the large WordPress community, and ensure endless extensions of the website’s functionality.

Additionally, we used Laravel PHP framework – known for its intuitiveness and robustness that helps programmers save development time. With Laravel we built a micro-site that integrated with the Expander website to support all Expander’s real-time loan calculators. This was a significant expansion of the website’s functionality.

API Integrations

The whole site is integrated with multiple back-office and marketing automation systems, aimed at improving functionality, customer experience and speed.

Functionalities include:

  • Compliance with the GDPR via integration with the contact forms management system. This helps the work of legal department by introducing changes related to the protection and processing of personal data.
  • Compliance with the GDPR via privacy by design. To satisfy the privacy requirements of GDPR our solution integrates with Expander’s internal anonymisation system of leads obtained from the website, which are in turn forwarded to Expander’s call center.
  • Analytics – tracking codes, goals and website analytics are carried out with Google Analytics, with the option of measuring page conversion and tracking customer acquisition channels
  • Exchange rates – information about exchange rates and reference interest rates are obtained automatically and continuously thanks to integration with the API.
  • Information about Expander branches – available on the website thanks to integration with the company’s internal systems’ API
  • Amazon Web Services S3 cloud – used as the Media Library in WordPress


A 20% increase in the conversion rate is the key business result of launching the new Expander website – mobile-friendly, highly usable and featuring back-office marketing automation.

Multiple integrations with other company IT systems that we implemented yield noticeable time savings for the administrators. 24/7 support that we provide ensures uninterrupted running of the expander.pl website in the future.

Client says

Project teams are friendly, reliable, and experienced. At the end of the day, they do a good job of trying to satisfy what we need. They function as a partner, not just as a vendor.

Sebastian Dąbrowski · Expander

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