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Aller Media who is one of Norway’s largest publishers of newspapers, magazines, and websites.




Complicated and time-consuming process to create and edit new campaigns.


Drupal, Drupal Commerce

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650+ employees

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  • Insight and analysis
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About Aller Media

Aller Media is one of Norway’s largest publishers of newspapers, magazines, and websites. The company has built up an extensive customer database over many years and has a large portfolio of established brands such as Se og Hør, Dagbladet, KK, and Allers, among others.

Many of these products still thrive in print format, and Aller Media needed a well-functioning solution for the sale of subscriptions in both print and digital formats. Frontkom and Aller Media have been working together on various solutions for over 10 years, and the landing page allershopping.no is one of the successful projects that the collaboration has resulted in.

I have worked with Frontkom for 9 years, both in the development and launch of the new website for Allershopping and for the newly started PlussMobil. A common factor for both projects is excellent follow-up, a short distance from question to answer, and good discussions to find the best possible solution. Both for the customer and for how we should be able to work in the interface. After the launch of the new website on PlussMobil, we have increased conversion and achieved a smooth integration of the chat solution!

Dagrun Johansen, Marketing Manager at Aller Media

Online store for subscription solutions

Frontkom has developed allershopping.no, which consolidates Aller Media’s publications on a common landing page with an e-commerce solution for registration and payment. The landing page’s purpose is to welcome the customer, clearly present current campaigns, and then process payments. The process should be streamlined and seamless for Aller Media’s customers.

With its long history and established position in the Norwegian media market, Aller Media has a large customer database. Campaigns for subscription solutions are sent out via email and SMS to a large number of customers from their CRM, and it is crucial that the technology in the online store can handle the influx.

To make the conversion process as uncomplicated as possible, we have emphasized an intuitive user interface. The user selects the product on the landing page and is taken directly to the checkout for registration and payment. The e-commerce solution we have set up offers payment with cards, Vipps, or invoice. After payment, the user receives a purchase confirmation, and the order flow is then forwarded to Aller Media’s subscription department for the handling of physical shipments.

Quick editing of campaign pages with Drupal Gutenberg

Aller Media’s marketing department has the need to quickly set up campaigns for a large number of products by adjusting product information, images, and prices for various subscriptions. This is well taken care of by Drupal Gutenberg’s campaign builder.

The blocks are easy to edit and provide a consistent visual expression even when used by different users. With Drupal Gutenberg, those responsible in Aller Media’s marketing department can make changes to products, images, and prices for new campaigns directly in the visual interface. They will immediately see the result as it appears on the landing page.

Professional designers ensure a consistent expression

To make the user experience as intuitive as possible for our customers, extensive design work is required when the solution is designed. A good and thorough backend job completes the thinking in advance so that decisions about visual profile, image and color use, fonts, and text are already made.

In practice, this involves limiting the choices for those who will edit the content so that they can work as efficiently as possible. When setting up a campaign, they don’t start with a blank slate but have a predefined limited color palette to use, and in all text fields, there is help text that can be replaced with updated information. This way, campaigns can be created and adjusted quickly, and regardless of who edits the content, the quality will be maintained, and the visual expression will appear professional and consistent for Aller Media’s customers.

In 2022, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the good collaboration between Aller Media and Frontkom. Together we have several successful projects to look back on, and we look forward to the continuation!

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