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Develop a seamless online store with the same pleasant atmosphere as in the physical stores.

We have delivered:

  • Business development through consulting services. Strategy for communication, payment, logistics, integrations, and workflow.
  • Advisory services on design and communication.
  • Technical project management and coordination of all third parties in the project.
  • Operational services in Amazon Web Services.
  • Technical development of the online store solution and all necessary integrations.
  • Development of a digital magazine where customers can be inspired and ‘shop the entire style’ with just one click.


Stores in Norway and Sweden


Turnover in MNOK




Exciting products in the online store

Kremmerhuset - Nettside på ulike flater

Make your home beautiful with stylish interior from Kremmerhuset 

Kremmerhuset nettbutikk på tablet

Kremmerhuset Ting & Sånt is a slightly different store with many temptations. It’s filled with things that inspire, and they aim to make your home beautiful. The first Kremmerhuset store opened in 1979, and today the chain has 500 employees across 67 stores in Norway and Sweden.


The online store is an essential part of the chain both in terms of turnover and communication, and it will become increasingly important with each passing year.

The starting point for all projects we undertake is that we must have in-depth knowledge of the customer’s business plan, marketing strategy, routines, and ‘inner life’ before we start sketching concrete solution proposals. Over time, we have gained extensive experience with retail chains that heavily invest in online commerce in addition to their physical stores.

We always start with the premise that the customer, through an omnichannel strategy, should be met seamlessly, whether they are in a physical store, on the online store, or on the go with their mobile.

In this project, it was essential to create the same pleasant atmosphere in the online store as one experiences when entering the physical stores. Concrete measures to achieve this include:

Kremmerhuset på iPhone og iPad
  • Extensive use of inspirational and ambient images.
  • Merge blog/inspiration and the store so that the customer doesn’t have to actively navigate between different sections due to technical limitations.
  • Ensure good and accurate information at the right time, thus creating the ‘virtual salesperson’ present in a physical store.
  • Utilize the online store in the physical store by actively showcasing products in catalogs and in ambient images beyond the store displays.
  • Same price and information across all platforms.
  • Provide inventory information so the customer always knows which stores have which items available for an impulse purchase.
  • Implement a customer club concept to ensure a personal and efficient shopping experience.
Kremmerhuset på mobil

Selected integrations

Vipps for payments

Vipps (mobile payment app) has 4 million users, and customers prefer to pay with Vipps even when shopping online. More people complete their purchases when they don’t have to reach for their wallets. The Vipps integration offers the following capabilities:

  1. Easy Login: Users can easily log in to your platform or website using their Vipps credentials, making the authentication process convenient and quick.
  2. Payment with Vipps: Customers have the option to make payments directly through Vipps, providing a seamless and secure payment method that enhances the overall shopping experience.

This integration with Vipps simplifies the checkout process for users and can help increase conversion rates for online businesses.

More info: Vipps

Klarna for payments

Klarna Checkout is arguably the most popular Payment Service Provider (PSP) in Nordic countries. It’s generally known for providing a smooth checkout experience. The main reason for this is its extensive user base that has used Klarna before. This means that users don’t need to fill out their address and payment information when they visit your store, even if they haven’t shopped at your specific online store before.

However, there are limitations in flexibility with Klarna Checkout, which may necessitate considering the use of Klarna Payments instead. Klarna Payments offers a headless (API) approach to checkout, allowing you to build unique checkout experiences for your customers.

Available payment methods with Klarna include credit/debit card payments, invoice payments, and financing options with installment payments over time.

Frontkom maintains the official Drupal Klarna module and collaborates closely with Klarna to deliver the best shopping experience to its customers.

More info: Klarna

Meta for log in and feed from social media

Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is one of the most important communication and marketing channels for many online stores. We offer a wide range of integrations and automation with Meta, including:

  1. Login/Authentication with Facebook Accounts: Simplify the process for customers to create an account and log in to your online store using their Facebook credentials.
  2. Content Sharing: Enable customers to share your pages, products, and content on their Facebook profiles.
  3. “Like” Functionality: Allow users to “like” pages, products, and other elements on your website and share their preferences on Facebook.
  4. Display Various Content Feeds: Showcase different content feeds on your website from Meta, such as Instagram feeds, Shopping feeds on Meta, and Shopping feeds on Merchant Center, among others.
  5. Custom Applications: Develop customized applications that interact with the Facebook API for clients who require specific functionality.
  6. Detailed Tracking of Traffic, Goals, and Conversions: Implement tracking with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics to gain insights into website traffic, goals, and conversions.

These integrations and tracking mechanisms provide valuable insights and enhance the interaction between your online store and the Meta platform, helping you effectively reach and engage your target audience.

More info: Facebook

Google Analytics for statistics and analysis of data

Google Analytics is a free to use, powerful tool for analyzing the state of your website and your customers behaviour. We’ll integrate this into your site as tightly as possible so that you can get all necessary data on traffic, visitors, behaviour and conversion. As an example on some of the things you’ll get insight into:

  • What kind of people are visiting your site/store and what are they doing when they’re there?
  • Which pages has the best conversion and how can we optimize that even more?
  • Where does your traffic come from and which channel converts best?
  • What are ROI (return on investment) on the different marketing campaigns and channels you are running?
  • Track and monitor custom goals you set up in Google Analytics.
  • Detailed info on e-commerce behavior and conversions through EE (Enhanced E-commerce) integration.

Ny Media has a lot of experience with analytics in general and Google Analytics specifically. When making changes to a website, we always base it on facts from your actual users and marketing campaigns.

More info: www.google.com/intl/no_no/analytics/

Logistra Cargonizer for logistics

Cloud-based transport management in a flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly manner. We have created an integration with the solution that includes features such as:

  1. Price Calculations: The system can calculate shipping costs for you.
  2. Automatic Shipment Creation: It can automatically generate shipments based on orders or other criteria.
  3. Automatic Printing of Shipping Labels: Shipping labels are automatically printed when there are status changes in the online store.
  4. Automatic Shipment Cancellation: It can also automatically cancel shipments as needed.

This integration streamlines the transportation and shipping processes, making them more efficient and hassle-free for users.

More info: Logistra

Bring for freight

Bring is Norway’s most commonly used provider for shipping and deliveries from online stores. We can offer various integrations with Bring, depending on our customers’ specific needs:

  1. Simple Shipping Model: This includes fixed shipping rates and validation of valid delivery methods based on the delivery location.
  2. Full Integration with Bring’s “Fraktguiden” Service: This comprehensive integration allows for customization of the interface and user experience tailored to each individual project.
  3. Complete Tracking and Communication/Notification Handling with Customers: We provide full management of tracking and communication/notification processes with the customer.
  4. We can offer Bring as a delivery option through logistics solutions such as Logistra Cargonizer or Consignor.

These integrations cater to a range of shipping and delivery requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for online retailers and their customers.

More info: Bring

ERP-system – Lindbak Retail Systems

We have solid experience in developing integrations with Lindbak’s chain systems and point-of-sale systems.

Lindbak Chain Management platform Lindbak POS Services (integration layer with Lindbak’s point-of-sale systems) Transfer of customers, shopping carts, orders, order processing, inventory balance, and other workflow.

More info: http://www.lindbak.no/butikkdata/

Customer Club and Email Marketing – Recheckit

Recheckit offers online stores a smart technical platform to increase conversion among visitors.

This is achieved through a combination of specific measures directly on the online store and through email campaigns targeting customers with abandoned shopping carts.

More info: https://recheckit.com/

Loyalty and Customer club – Boostcom

Boostcom is one of Europe’s largest and most forward-thinking providers of loyalty and customer club services for shopping centers and retail chains.

We have implemented several integrations between our online store solutions and Boostcom. Examples of these integrations include:

  • Registration/unsubscription of customer club members.
  • Distribution of discount codes/welcome offers via SMS/email.
  • Lookups on customer club status and direct price calculation based on this.
  • Synchronization of personal data between the online store and Boostcom.
  • Control panels for subscriptions/customer club status under ‘My Page’ in the online store.

More info: http://boostcom.no/

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