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About SWC Partnership

SWC Partnership is a full end-to-end marketing agency, based in London. Offering three separate levels of cooperation: Marketing, Audit solutions and International marketing partnerships. The company has helped dozens of fast growing brands meet their marketing goals.

The challenge

SWC Partnerships knew that to stay competitive in their core markets, Europe and the US, they had to evolve to stay competitive. They recently restructured their portfolio and needed a website to exhibit these services, and present the company in a reliable and professional manner.

The team knew that website visitors needed to see SWC Partnerships’ credibility and proven track record in order for them to reach out and make initial contact.

The goal for SWC Partnerships was:

  • Find representation in terms of PR
  • Create a professional image to increase conversions
  • Use a single platform to market and manage content

The solution

To get the ball rolling, the Frontkom team offered the client remote Discovery workshops so they were able to see the broader view of their business and the role that their site plays in it. The result of this workshop was a versatile and robust content inventory and content strategy.

How we worked

From the initial Discovery workshop, right through to the deployment of the website and beyond, both teams worked side by side to ensure the job was up to standard across the board.

After holding the Discovery workshops, both parties clearly understood the client’s needs, key audiences, customer journey and core site structure. Everyone was now in sync about the user’s needs and the goals of creating a better experience for SWC’s customers.

Frontkom’s project manager and UX designer was in constant contact with SWC Partnership, throughout the whole process. Business consultants were also present in the process, ensuring that business insights from the workshops were implemented as a core factor of the entire project. Frequent contact, hands-on cooperation and working in sprints were important for both Frontkom and SWC Partnerships in this process.

Frontkom’s senior designer got involved to go the extra mile for SWC Partnerships. Multiple iterations were passed back and fourth between designer and client to fine-tune the minute details. Nothing but the highest quality imagery that works alongside the planned marketing strategy was to be published. These unexpected extras helped co-founders John and Simon see that Frontkom was truly working toward SWC Partnerships’ success.

Saving time and ultimately money was a core value for the client. In fact, we noticed a 10% decrease in development time after implementing our strategy.

The Frontkom team used tried and tested development technologies to create and deploy the website. Continuous deployment and integration meant that the developer’s work was consistently optimised and automated. After each line of code was committed to the repository, the changes were automatically published in the dev environment.


  • WordPress was the core CMS for the task. The versatility of WordPress and it’s Gutenberg editor made it easy for the clients team to add and update content.
  • ACF Pro Custom Blocks were used to add CTA (Call to action) buttons on a page-by-page basis, pushing readers to the most relevant pages depending on the context of what they’re reading.
  • ACF Pro was again used on all static pages and pages that are rarely updated, with a focus on page load speed and ease of use.

API Integration

Not only is the website incredibly fast, but it’s well protected against all forms of attack. As a Content Delivery Network (CDN), parts of the website are delivered from multiple servers all over the world, 
to your computer. This makes it harder for the website 
to be attacked as the website is literally spread out all over the world.

WP Rocket, a caching mechanism also improves the site’s speed, EWWW optimizer converts photo file formats and WP SMush makes high-quality images smaller and therefore quicker to load.

Yoast SEO helps with SEO performance of the site and ensures that the business has a good presence in Google search results. While all these plugins are great, they can make the CMS hard to navigate for non-tech savvy content managers. That’s why Frontkom’s UX designer created a custom WordPress admin panel to show users only the essential elements they need to create and update content.


The overall outcome was a huge success for all. A 100% performance score saw the client and Frontkom developer’s very satisfied with the site.

Simon, SWC Partnership’s co-founder pleasantly reports that the content management side of the website is incredibly easy to work with and makes it significantly easier to create quality content. The architecture of information helps to build trust and then sell. This is reflected in an increase of not just overall enquiries, 
but high-quality enquiries.

Most satisfyingly, the workshops revealed a wealth of information to the SWC Partnerships team. The lessons and insights learned in these workshops have been taken and used in other SWC Partnerships projects leading to higher satisfaction rates for clients.

Client says

Thanks to you all for the workshop yesterday, it was definitely full-on! We all really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it for the website and also the business as a whole.

Patrick Hall · SWC Partnership

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