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Daddy steps up

Bartosz is an experienced entrepreneur with two 2 successful startups under his belt, and a keen eye for new technologies.

When he became a father of two, his attention was drawn to his experience as a parent in relation to the educational system.

His experience in entrepreneurship and fatherhood could only result in one thing. An idea popped into his head to make schools a better place for everybody, and he came to us to turn his idea into reality.

“—How was school?” ”—Ok…” — is just not enough

Parent-children communication is not easy, as any parent will tell you. A few sentences exchanged over the dinner table is not enough to understand a child’s learning and social strengths and difficulties.

On top of typical day-to-day learning requirements, the teacher needs to communicate individually with every child’s parent, and take the most appropriate actions for their best education.

Our client’s goal was to provide schools and parents with a complex communication platform. A platform that could tell parents that their kids need to take crayons to school tomorrow, or that they’ve been involved in a bullying incident.

Bartosz had a list of essential core functions in his head and a tight deadline. His idea for an app needed to be tested fast!

All in one platform for communication

It was the ideal job for our team, as empowering better communication lies at the heart of digital transformation.

The solution was the MVP of a school communication platform, completely unique and built from the ground up, that will be quickly tested in practice.

  • A solution that will address the communication needs of children, teachers, school heads and parents
  • Development of an MVP and a test of the business hypothesis within 4 months
  • Build a solution consisting of just the right features to test it for the riskiest business assumptions

How it works

All of the features are combined in one app, with different levels of access depending on the user’s role.
The final result is a responsive application, usable on all browsers without requiring installation for ease of use.

For kids, we introduced a separate app as a system window with a limited, simplified, interaction interface. Young users can also use it to communicate with parents and teachers, and see their issues being addressed.

A proven process with an unorthodox twist

There were 3 essential elements that made the project a success:

  • Product Strategy workshops allowed the client to choose the app’s key users, the features that would make the app relevant to them and test the riskiest business assumptions of the idea
  • The development process of an MVP, with a unique twist to fit a tight deadline
  • A quick and agile approach to development

To set the MVP scope and choose the features that would determine the success of the tests, we started with Product Strategy workshops. Based on these, our client was able to make an informed decision about which features to implement to make an application relevant to the market.

To cope with time and project complexity, we unorthodoxly began the back-end development immediately, without design. It was a big challenge to code a back-end foundation that will be relevant for a solution before the UI is mapped. To archive it, we started to code with what was certain, and then added space for interaction between each coded element for UX designers to fill it up later.

Our team was constantly in contact with Bartosz. Keeping the client in the loop allowed us to make quick decisions on a project and speed up the development process.

MVP goes to school

In 4 short months, our client went from an idea to a responsive application, ready to be implemented in schools.

We are in constant partnership with the client, adding new features and enhancing the product, which already was met with excellent feedback from first schools adopting it.


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