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Public entity


Align communication from three service providers on a digital platform into a comprehensive service offering


Decoupled Drupal with React, NextJS and Drupal Gutenberg

Size of organization

370 employees



Our delivery

  • Digital consulting and process management in technology, frameworks, systems, content, accessibility, and user experience
  • Editorial responsibility and content production according to plain language standards
  • Technical development of the website with all necessary integrations and coordination of all third parties
  • Design, interaction design, and information architecture
  • Insights, data analysis, user testing, and strategy
  • Modern visual page builder and component library in Gutenberg
  • Operations, support, and maintenance agreement
Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt

About the client

Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research was established through a merger between NSD, Uninett AS and Unit. The organisation is a public administrative body under the Ministry of Education and Research. Their mission is to help Education and Research achieve its goals by providing shared, value-adding services that can be trusted.

Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt
Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt


It’s an exciting challenge to bring together three service providers and align all communication on one digital platform. The goal is to present a comprehensive service offering for the benefit of all our customers across the country

Åshild Berg-Tesdal, Communications manager, Sikt

Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt

Benefits for the client

  • Unified communication and service offering (three entities have merged into one).
  • A publishing solution that is easy and quick to work with ‘what you see is what you get’
  • The publishing solution is designed for universal accessibility
  • The component library makes it easy to work with content and pages – saving editors a lot of time


Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt
Desktop mockup av de nye nettsidene til Sikt

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Thor André Gretland

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