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Unleash your content creators, and make the most of your Drupal project.

Drupal is one of the world’s most widely used CMS and is especially suitable for education, the media industry and the public sector.

Content creation in Drupal should be fast, frictionless and fun.

As a Drupal agency, we specialize in empowering your Drupal content creators to build exactly the content they want at record time, without frustration.

We deliver all types of Drupal development services, always with the content creators and your customers as our main focus.

Drupal, meet Gutenberg

We have taken Gutenberg, the modern page builder in WordPress, and adapted it so that it can be used in Drupal. With Gutenberg, your content creators can create a great landing page in a fraction of the time compared to other page builders typically used with Drupal.

You can also use blocks that others have created, both for WordPress and Drupal. Read more on drupalgutenberg.org and gutenbergcloud.org, and contact us to hear how we can help you with Gutenberg.

Drupal Gutenberg

Drupal strengths


Drupal is designed to work with third parties. CRM and ERP systems like Salesforce, Winorg, Microsoft Dynamics, SuperOffice, Visma, Hubspot, SAP and 24SevenOffice – Frontkom have worked with most.

Roles and approaches

Access control is more well developed in Drupal than in all competing CMSs. This makes Drupal particularly suitable for applications with many types of users.

Language support

All you need to run a website in different languages is already included. The innovations for internationalization is among the most impressive in the market.

Modern architecture

Drupal 9 is built on forward-looking technologies, both on the frontend and the backend.

Big community

Drupal is built on open source and has a large developer community. This gives businesses many developers and agencies to choose from.


Drupal sites are rarely hacked, thanks to a dedicated security team.

Why Frontkom as a Drupal Provider?

Drupal leaders

Frontkom has throughout the last 10+ years had a strategy of being leaders in the Drupal communities. We maintain Drupal modules focusing on making our clients more efficient and doing better business. Frontkom is multiple times award winning as a Drupal web development company.

Building what you really need

Our holistic competence on performance, UX, integrations, best practices and business growth give you what you need from you Drupal site. We will challenge you if you ask us to build something we don’t believe in. The customer is not always right. But; we don’t have your domain knowledge your products/services. So together we map out your ambitions, targets and strategy as partners. The outcome is solutions built for your needs.

Inspiration for content creators

Our goal is that our clients grow. We build solutions that inspire people to work effective and target oriented.

Low cost, messy and bloated solutions won’t make you a winner in your market. We want to make you a winner – and it should be exciting and inspiring.

Thor Andre Gretland

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