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Drupal Gutenberg

Great experiences for content creators. Our vision is that Drupal with Gutenberg will be the most user friendly enterprise CMS. A modern user interface that will spark creative brilliance in your content creators.

How will Drupal Gutenberg help you?

Everyone can create the content

Make content creation so simple even your CEO will have enough patience to understand it!

Create content fast and simple

Create a new product page in a matter of hours and an article page in minutes.

Become a leader

Give your team a platform where they can finally unleash their knowledge to the world.

Optimize it in minutes

Make your content better and better to generate quality traffic and leads.

How to introduce Drupal Gutenberg?


Discuss your dream CMS


MVP to get you going and set the workflow


Set up private Gutenberg Cloud and migrate


Onboarding and training

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Get help directly from Drupal Gutenberg creators

We’ve built it. No one knows the combination of Drupal with Gutenberg better than us. Even though our prices are not on the lower end, the return on investment is still better. Reach out and test us on the topic.

Clients we’ve helped

Why did we create Drupal Gutenberg?

We have seen dozens of companies with amazing content creators, but solutions blocking their potential.

As Drupal experts, we decided it is time to help them unleash this power. It started a couple of years back now. Frontkom was aiming at solving a real-life problem for lots of clients. They all need a proper landing page builder. And there are hundreds out there. But they all had issues – either with usability, performance, UX or scalability. So we researched to learn as much as possible from other solutions out there and build something for Drupal.

We ended up with Gutenberg from the WordPress community. The result is the best of both worlds; the simplistic starting point with a clean interface, and the powerful and performant solution giving unlimited opportunities.

Frontkom made a CMS agnostic version of Gutenberg. That was proof of the concept for the WordPress team to continue evolving the editor to what it is today. From that day Frontkom has been the maintainers and lead developers for Drupal Gutenberg and is constantly improving the Drupal module to solve content creating challenges.

Clients say

Things evolve. This is excellent. Drupal needs this.

Save your team frustrations

Drupal Gutenberg is helping content creators to focus on the right things. Do you want to test adding another button, or move some sections further up the page? With help of Drupal Gutenberg, it will take just a few minutes to launch on the page. You save hours usually spend on understanding the CMS interface – just jump in and create – it is that intuitive.

Inspire your content creators

We want your writers to WANT to create content. That is why we put so much emphasis on the user experience. Adding and removing elements, moving stuff around in Drupal have never been quicker. Block-based UI will inspire your team to create more engaging content. Just start to play with it!

Finally, fall in love with Drupal CMS

Introducing new CMS was a great investment. Now it’s time to make most of it.

Our goal was to create an environment to eliminate the disadvantages of Drupal CMS where the flexibility can become unneeded complexity.

Make your content deliver revenue

If your content underperforms Drupal Gutenberg will help you optimize it.

Swift content changes and A/B tests are the keys to making content deliver your business goals. Need more help in optimizing your marketing? We can help you.

Why Frontkom?

It is all about the return on investment. To stand out as a winner in your market you need to constantly optimize. Not only the tech solution but also your content. We know that. Frontkom has built all kinds of Gutenberg solutions. Everything from simplistic easy-to-use solutions, to advanced integrations, and dynamic building pieces that save your time and personalize content to your customers.

Our primary focus is to create value for your business. We’ll find that sweet spot where the solution inspires your content creators and help them to optimize the content at all times.

Are you always able to keep your content relevant? If not: What do you think that costs for your business?

Try it out yourself

  • Minimalistic
  • High performance
  • In-editor video player
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy drag-n-drop features
  • Effective help texts and tutorials
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