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Intranet solutions

Out-of-the-box solutions can only get you so far. If you look for a custom intranet solution, build specifically to your needs, we are the partner for you.

We specialize in two key ingredients of tailored intranet for business: creating great employee experiences integrating multiple solutions, data sources, and APIs.

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Why to build your intranet with us?

  • Deep research and workshops to build what you really need
  • User-centric design to ensure great employee experience
  • Custom approach to maximize the output of all knowledge accumulated throughout the organization and all systems
  • The data-driven approach ensures that you invest in the right functionalities and develop your intranet in the right direction
  • Building an intranet is half the battle, the key is to adopt a solution. We will help you with change management and make your organization ready
  • We will not leave you alone after deploying – we are looking for partners for long-term cooperation on the development of systems

Designing your employee experiences

Good practices of design thinking approach involve your intranet too.

Choose an intranet development company that knows how to understand your employees and help them grow.

With stakeholder research and your employee’s journey map, we help you build the best experience possible for your employees.

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Engaged employees have better retention, higher productivity and increase in profitability by 21%!

Platforms we work with

How we do it


Discovery and user research


Design experiences


Agile development


Launch and trainings


Continuous improvement

Stressless migration

We offer intranet migration service to another platform and custom solutions tailored to your employees’ needs and your organization’s goals.

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Intranet redesign
  • Intranet migration
  • Hiring intranet developers
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Modern intranets


Multiple data sources

Your intranet can seamlessly connect to the HR, ERP or CRM system. Connect data through API or build single source of truth data lake for maximum optimization.


Elastic search

Search is not only about names and documents. You have your own project and department names, abbreviations specific to your company and industry. We will help you find exactly what you need.


Clear information architecture

It is not easy to find yourself in the structure of thousands of documents collected over the years. Proper document taxonomy is a key to help your employees save time and find what they are looking for.


Employee to employee communication

Employee interaction became a standard since pandemic. Chats, video chats, social reactions and much more.


Corporate communication

Covid has shown us that immediate responses are necessary to protect and create a safe environment for workers.
Banners, popups, SMSs, push notifications, everything easily controlled from the administration panel will ensure the speed and certainty of reaching your employees.


Analytics and data-driven decisions

The intranet is an area for the same data-driven optimization as commercial solutions. We will help you choose the right measures of success for your relationship, we will establish KPIs, set up analytical tools, and our consultants will help you develop and interpret the results.

Got any questions about custom intranet solutions? Talk with us!

Intranet case studies

In 2021, 92% HR managers confirmed that workforce experience is their top priority in the upcoming year.

Make your intranet the central information hub for all your employees

Custom intranet comes with a possibility of easy integrations with multiple third-party modern systems. Provide a one-stop solution to your employees for identity management, HR, finance, communicators, resource allocation, project management and much more.

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API integrations

Integration with other systems via API (REST/SOAP) or message queues (RabbitMQ, Amazon Simple Queue Service)

Identity management

Easy integration with your identity and access management system (LDAP, Active Directory)


Your intranet is built with scaling in mind thanks to Service Oriented Architecture and microservices.

Ticket systems

Help your emplyees to save time and connect your intranet with your ticketing system (like Jira, HubSpot, Zoho Desk, Trello, and more)

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Great digital experts and supportive people with deep understanding of business requirements and realities. Their work was perfectly aligned with the company’s communication & collaboration strategy.

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