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Improve with Blockchain. Blockchain is a fast-growing technology field with the potential to revolutionize and improve banking, supply chains and other transaction networks, and can create new opportunities for innovation.

Innovation for safety

Blockchain technology forms the basis of a public shared order book (ledger) that can be used to save time when registering transactions between the parties, eliminating intermediary costs, and reducing the risk of fraud and tampering

More than just bitcoin

Crypto currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Nano and IOTA are different types of decentralized crypto currencies that each have interesting uses, strengths and weaknesses.

Ethereum is designed to create decentralized smart contracts and DAPPS (decentralized apps), Bitcoin is a means of payment, while Nano and IOTA both have a different approach to free transactions, making them particularly suited to being a critical part of the Internet of Things (IoT) with micro transactions.

Wondering how your business can benefit from blockchain technology? Talk to us first. Frontkom is actively working on multiple block technology projects and has been supported by Google to develop media industry crypto solutions.

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