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Frontkom has a dedicated team that works with NodeJS web application development and hosting.

NodeJS can be compared to other frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Laravel Django and Symfony. NodeJS is built on JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages. NodeJS is a framework with a large community of developers, and a safe bet for the future.

When should you consider NodeJS?

  • Real-Time Applications (Including with Socket.io)
  • Advanced Logic and Business Flow
  • High Performance (Fast Pages)
  • For Quick Prototypes
  • Single-Page Apps
  • API-Centered Applications
  • Apps for System and Data Monitoring

Our priorities


We design database architectures with data integrity, data management and efficiency in mind


It should go fast! Important for user experience and SEO.

Code quality

We take pride in writing code that is easy to read, understand and thus easier to expand later.

Good communication

This applies both to our customers and third parties, for which specially designed integrations are to be made. We have a lot of experience with how such processes can be driven forward, safely and efficiently.

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