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Develop a comprehensive solution for B2C and B2B that is tightly integrated with the customer’s other systems.

We delivered:

  • Business development through consulting services. Strategy for communication, payment, logistics, integrations, and workflow.
  • Design and advisory services on communication.
  • Technical project management and coordination of all third parties in the project.
  • Operational services in Amazon Web Services.
  • Technical development of the online store solution and all necessary integrations. Agile methodology.
  • Support and ongoing follow-up of the solution, both practical and overarching.
  • Operational and application management.




Turnover in MNOK



35 000

Products in the assortment

Tore Ligaard is Norway’s largest door and window center

A wide range of products, the market’s largest warehouse for quick delivery, and a focus on expertise make the company unique in the market.


We have delivered a comprehensive solution for B2C, B2B that is tightly integrated with Tore Ligaard’s other systems. We work agilely with new development and operational/application management. The foundation for everything we do is always to build the market’s leading customer journey in the industry, with a focus on profitability and efficiency throughout the organization.

Tore Ligaard sin nettbutikk på mobil
Tore Ligaard banner
Tore Ligaard banner

Selected integrations

Payment with Klarna

Klarna Checkout is arguably the most popular payment platform (PSP) in Nordic countries. It is generally considered a smooth checkout experience. The main reason for this is the fact that they have a very large user base that has used Klarna before. This means that users do not need to fill out address and payment information when they come to your store, even if they have never shopped in your specific online store before.

However, there are limitations in flexibility for Klarna Checkout that may make it necessary to consider using Klarna Payments instead, which is essentially a headless (API) approach to checkout, allowing us to build unique checkout experiences for our customers.

Available payment methods with Klarna: card, invoice, financing with installment payments over time.

Frontkom maintains the official Drupal Klarna module and works closely with Klarna to deliver the best shopping experience for our customers.

More info: klarna.com

ERP-system – Visma Global

Visma Global is an efficient and comprehensive financial system that has been in the market for a long time. The system is widely used in the Norwegian and Nordic markets, and we have extensive experience in building integrations with the system.

The integration uses an API integration via a web service that offers, among other things:

  • Synchronization of customers
  • Synchronization of products and inventory data
  • Retrieval of customer-specific prices through Global’s discount matrices and customer groups.
  • Creation and synchronization of orders
  • Presentation of order history and tracking information
  • Triggering various workflows with operations in both systems

Metadata – NOBB Byggtjeneste

NOBB (Norwegian Building Services) is, among other things, the construction industry’s largest product database. The purpose of the product database is to streamline the flow of goods between manufacturers, importers, and sales/dealer channels. We have extensive experience with integration with the NOBB database to populate product data in the solutions we deliver.

Additionally, we use NOBB Contract, which is a solution that allows dealers to define specific product ranges with customer-specific prices, often used in connection with product import and price calculation.

We use NOBB’s web service API to retrieve product data (all metadata including documentation) and price/assortment information via NOBB Contract. We also have systems to automatically map and prepare the product data according to the customer’s own category, discount, and filtering structure.

Bring for freight

Bring is Norway’s most commonly used provider for shipping and deliveries from online stores. We can offer various integrations with Bring, depending on our customers’ specific needs:

  1. Simple Shipping Model: This includes fixed shipping rates and validation of valid delivery methods based on the delivery location.
  2. Full Integration with Bring’s “Fraktguiden” Service: This comprehensive integration allows for customization of the interface and user experience tailored to each individual project.
  3. Complete Tracking and Communication/Notification Handling with Customers: We provide full management of tracking and communication/notification processes with the customer.
  4. We can offer Bring as a delivery option through logistics solutions such as Logistra Cargonizer or Consignor.

These integrations cater to a range of shipping and delivery requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for online retailers and their customers.

More info: Bring

Sales and customer follow-up – LiveChat

One of the market’s most comprehensive and widely used tools for sending newsletters.

Highly user-friendly interface Professional tools, full control over customers, lists, appearance templates, and mailings Flexible payment plans as needed Very good statistics after mailings Personalized letters based on integration with the online store and ERP Registration forms can be integrated into all parts of the online store/solution. Custom fields are integrated, enabling segmentation of newsletters based on customer behavior, interests, and preferences.

More info: www.campaignmonitor.com

Google Analytics for statistics and analysis of data

Google Analytics is a free to use, powerful tool for analyzing the state of your website and your customers behaviour. We’ll integrate this into your site as tightly as possible so that you can get all necessary data on traffic, visitors, behaviour and conversion. As an example on some of the things you’ll get insight into:

  • What kind of people are visiting your site/store and what are they doing when they’re there?
  • Which pages has the best conversion and how can we optimize that even more?
  • Where does your traffic come from and which channel converts best?
  • What are ROI (return on investment) on the different marketing campaigns and channels you are running?
  • Track and monitor custom goals you set up in Google Analytics.
  • Detailed info on e-commerce behavior and conversions through EE (Enhanced E-commerce) integration.

Ny Media has a lot of experience with analytics in general and Google Analytics specifically. When making changes to a website, we always base it on facts from your actual users and marketing campaigns.

More info: www.google.com/intl/no_no/analytics/

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