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Develop a seamless and efficient customer experience and integrate the POS-system with the online shop.

Our delivery:

  • Business development in the form of consultancy services. Strategy for communication, payment, logistics, integrations, and workflow.
  • Design and consultancy on communication.
  • Technical project management and coordination of all third parties in the project.
  • Operational services on Amazon Web Services.
  • Technical development of the e-commerce solution and all necessary integrations.
  • Support and ongoing maintenance of the solution, both practical and strategic


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Number of products in the online store

Lille Vinkel Sko operates in an industry that places increasingly high demands on excellent and seamless customer experiences both in the online store and in the physical stores. By seamlessly integrating the store system with the online store and always prioritizing the customer experience, we are collaboratively crafting a modern customer journey with the customer. We also place a strong emphasis on solutions that make backend operations efficient and time-saving for the organization.

Thomas Kulvik, Project Manager

Selected integrations

Bring for freight

Bring is Norway’s most commonly used provider for shipping and deliveries from online stores. We can offer various integrations with Bring, depending on our customers’ specific needs:

  1. Simple Shipping Model: This includes fixed shipping rates and validation of valid delivery methods based on the delivery location.
  2. Full Integration with Bring’s “Fraktguiden” Service: This comprehensive integration allows for customization of the interface and user experience tailored to each individual project.
  3. Complete Tracking and Communication/Notification Handling with Customers: We provide full management of tracking and communication/notification processes with the customer.
  4. We can offer Bring as a delivery option through logistics solutions such as Logistra Cargonizer or Consignor.

These integrations cater to a range of shipping and delivery requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for online retailers and their customers.

More info: Bring

Logistra Cargonizer for logistics

Cloud-based transport management in a flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly manner. We have created an integration with the solution that includes features such as:

  1. Price Calculations: The system can calculate shipping costs for you.
  2. Automatic Shipment Creation: It can automatically generate shipments based on orders or other criteria.
  3. Automatic Printing of Shipping Labels: Shipping labels are automatically printed when there are status changes in the online store.
  4. Automatic Shipment Cancellation: It can also automatically cancel shipments as needed.

This integration streamlines the transportation and shipping processes, making them more efficient and hassle-free for users.

More info: Logistra

Google Analytics for statistics and analysis of data

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool for analyzing the status of your website and your customers’ behavior. We integrate it as closely as possible with your website to provide you with all the necessary data about traffic, visitors, behavior, and conversions. Here are some examples of the insights you can gain:

  1. Visitor Insights: Understanding the demographics and behavior of the people who visit your website or online store.
  2. Conversion Optimization: Identifying which pages have the highest conversion rates and how to further optimize them.
  3. Traffic Sources: Knowing where your traffic is coming from and which channels are delivering the best conversions.
  4. ROI Tracking: Calculating the return on investment for various marketing campaigns and channels.
  5. Custom Goal Tracking: Monitoring and tracking specific goals you’ve set up in Google Analytics.
  6. E-commerce Behavior and Conversions: Detailed information about e-commerce behavior and conversions through Enhanced E-commerce (EE) integration.

Frontkom has extensive experience in data collection and analysis, both in general and specifically with Google Analytics. When making changes to a website, they always base their decisions on facts from real users and marketing campaigns.

More info: Google Analytics

Shopping cart system (Flexicon)

Flexicon provides the store and POS system Xcellence Pro Butik, which is a comprehensive POS system. The company is based in Sweden but has customers in both Norway and Sweden.

We have implemented an extensive integration with the system to handle aspects such as:

  • Product updates
  • Inventory management
  • Gift card synchronization
  • Customer club / campaign integration
  • Order processing
  • Customer synchronization / order history synchronization.

Payments (Easy – Nets)


Easy Checkout is a lightning-fast payment solution at the checkout that provides users with complete freedom to choose their preferred payment method:

  • Mastercard
  • Invoice (Deferred payment, installment) for paying later upon installation
  • PayPal
  • Mobile banking services such as Vipps, Swish, and MobilePay

Conversion-Oriented Checkout

Recognizing recurring customers and enabling them to pay within seconds. The checkout can be seamlessly embedded into the online store for a tailored shopping experience. You can customize the checkout to your needs, including choosing the payment method, checkout colors, and necessary customer fields.

Frontkom has a partnership with Nets and is the official developer of the Easy integration for Drupal. We handle updates, service inquiries, and ensure that the module works with the latest API changes.

More information about the payment service can be found at nets.eu.

We have relaunched the Drupal module as open source on drupal.org. You can find the module and instructions on how to use it here.

Mailchimp for e-mail marketing

Mailchimp is an email marketing and marketing automation platform designed for growing businesses. You can create sophisticated marketing campaigns, set up, send, and measure the effectiveness of your newsletters with Mailchimp. Here are some of the features available with this integration:

  1. Create Newsletter Signup Forms: Design and implement signup forms for your newsletters, making it easy for visitors to subscribe to your email list.
  2. Organize Contacts into Lists and Create Segments: Manage your contacts by organizing them into lists and create segments to target specific groups with tailored content.
  3. Create and Send Newsletters: Design eye-catching newsletters and send them to your subscribers with ease, ensuring your messages reach your audience effectively.
  4. Set Up Automated Email Campaigns: Utilize Mailchimp’s automation capabilities to set up and schedule automatic email campaigns, such as welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, or personalized product recommendations.

This integration allows you to leverage Mailchimp’s powerful email marketing tools to grow your subscriber base, engage with your audience, and measure the impact of your email marketing efforts.

More info: Mailchimp

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