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About IBIY

I Believe In You (IBIY) is a Swiss crowdfunding platform created by successful athletes and headquartered in Bern, Switzerland.

Its mission is to enable young athletes to realize their athletic potential and fulfill their dreams

Branding challenge

IBIY’S branding was dated and not clearly representing their value. 

Our task was to create a modern, inclusive brand that would reflect the positive spirit of IBIY and resonate with their young audience.

Branding solution

As we began the branding process, we had to take a number of different considerations into account.

First of all, we identified the feelings that the branding needed to evoke: inspiration and belief in young athletes as they strive for success. 

We also knew that the branding must be universally readable for Switzerland’s multilingual population. This would also enable future international expansion of the platform.

Another consideration was versatility. The branding needed to work well in digital contexts and on many different kinds of promotional materials.

For accessibility, we wanted a simple and legible design. The branding also shouldn’t detract attention from the important stories of people in IBIY’s community.

How we worked together

We started with workshops in order to agree on a clear and consistent vision. It was crucial for us to understand IBIY and their needs.

We also conducted competitive research to familiarize ourselves with the visual language that IBIY’s audience would know. Then, we would be able to better differentiate IBIY’s brand..

Once we had clarified the goals of the project, we focused on understanding the platform’s users.

IBIY’s new branding would need to resonate with many different users:

  • target beneficiaries
  • project creators
  • project promoters – donor supporters
  • project supervisors, i.e. IBIS employees sharing fundraising best practices


I BELIEVE IN YOU: those four words perfectly reflect the essence of the brand and the purpose of the organization. We proposed a design that arranges visual motifs in a pattern based on this phrase, turning the name even more into the heartbeat of the platform.

Ultimately, the new branding has become connective tissue for IBIY’s communication. Its simplicity and versatility make it easy to implement for printed materials, clothes, and much more.

IBIY’s new branding is modern, communicative, and easy to expand in the years ahead. With this versatile design, they’re able to demonstrate their value and build trust in their organization–which helps them and their users to both reach their potential.

To fact-check our understanding of the platform’s users and their goals, we conducted in-depth user interviews.

Based on the data we gathered, we created personas and mapped the main words and ideas that each persona associated with the brand. After proposing a selection of moodboards, we created the first sketches and, finally, two complete artistic directions. This iterative approach allowed IBIY to be closely involved at each step, right up to the final design choice.


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