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Achieve profitable and sustainable growth

By combining our expertise in strategic business development, technology, and design, we help our customers achieve their goals. We create digital experiences that convert and support businesses in their daily operations, whether you operate in e-commerce or other parts of the commercial sector.

We collaborate with many exciting clients

The industry is accelerating digital transformation and optimizing the way we work. Innovative service design, AI, and big data are transitioning from just being trendy to practical applications.


71% of boards in the largest companies in the commercial sector are planning to heavily invest in innovative technology to streamline all aspects of their business. In a competitive market, we will see an increasing divide over the next few years between those who are evolving and those who are falling behind. (Source: gartner.com)

Typical challenges we solve for our clients


Sustainable growth

To build comprehensive digital solutions, we need to understand the entirety of your business. Our strategic business consultants assist you in shaping strategy and objectives. We work on improving both the top line and the bottom line of the companies we support. This is what we mean by sustainable growth: scalable success that delivers value over time.


Extend your team

To succeed in the commercial sector requires expertise and structured work in an increasing number of domains. Our employees possess specialized knowledge and domain expertise in all of these areas. Wherever you lack either competence or capacity internally, we provide assistance. Make your team complete and deliver in all the necessary areas to achieve your goals.


From idea to a realistic plan

Most businesses and leaders have a clear idea of where they want to take their company from a business perspective. Combining knowledge of digitalization, technology, and creating a detailed map of the journey is something quite different. We offer senior consultants in marketing, technology, development, and processes. Let us help you find the right approach, the right technology, and a cost-effective path to your goal.


Artificial intelligence, data, and analysis

What value does it bring to your business to have a data foundation and analysis that can drive a dynamic and personalized customer journey? Combined with AI, we build digital experiences and processes that are both innovative, efficient, and future-proof. And, most importantly, they contribute to you achieving your business goals.

Why choose Frontkom?

Working with Frontkom is like taking a digital shortcut to growth. For over 20 years, we have collaborated with some of the biggest brands and commercial players in the Nordics and Europe. Along the way, we have developed a comprehensive set of methods, processes, knowledgeable teams, and, not least, technology that we master to the core.

This gives you an optimal starting point for your project, more focus on what makes your company unique, and significantly reduces risk. Additionally, it provides you with cost-effective digital platforms and solutions that evolve in sync with your future needs. We call it the Frontkom Method or the digital shortcut to success.

I’ve been working with Frontkom for 9 years, both on the development and launch of a new website for Allershopping and for the startup PlussMobil. The common denominator for both projects is excellent support, a short distance from questions to answers, and productive discussions to find the best possible solutions. This applies to both the customer and how we can work at the interface. After launching the new website for PlussMobil, we’ve increased conversions and successfully integrated a chat solution!

Dagrun Johansen, Marketing Manager at Aller Media

We typically deliver

E-commerce solutions

Modern e-commerce solutions tailored to your concept, your customer journey, and your way of working. We build e-commerce stores that truly convert, on various platforms. Our commercial teams also assist you in growing the store you already have.

A complete commercial team

We provide expertise in the areas where you either lack experience or capacity. Our growth pilots help you define KPIs and methods that enable you to work systematically toward your goal!

Complete platforms

We begin with the strategy, then we build the platform that provides you with the best foundation for growth. We assist you in effectively combining CMS, CRM, CRP, ERP, WMS, and other technologies. We take care of the processes for you and deliver agility.

Marketing, branding, and customer journey

When you combine experts in performance marketing, inbound/outbound marketing, branding, and UX with technological experts, something magical happens. The result is comprehensive solutions that work and that people understand.

Strategic business development

What is the goal of growth? Sales/exit by building the highest potential value? Generating positive cash flow from day one? Building a SaaS or not? Do you wish you had a skilled CTO with business understanding and associated specialists available? Just to lay out the strategy and plan that you believe in for further growth? We are ready to support you.

Long-lasting partnerships

When we enter into collaboration agreements with our clients, we work for the long term. We aim to provide value over time and contribute to achieving long-term goals together with our clients. We understand that neither marketing efforts nor digital platforms are set in stone. Everything needs to be operated, managed, and evolved as the market and needs change.

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Thomas Kulvik

Thomas Kulvik

CCO & Strategic Business Developer

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