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Digitalization for schools and education sector

The good user experience

The education sector is undergoing significant development, and there is competition for both students, teachers, and researchers. A good customer journey is essential for succeeding with ambitious growth and development plans. Frontkom has worked on numerous projects and with partners at all levels of education for over 10 years, building solid expertise in the entire student journey – from early interest in a subject to alumni and further education. Our expertise, combined with your knowledge and experience, creates the results you need.

We work with

80% of Norway’s largest educational institutions are with us


Together, we create a better life for students! From the birth of career dreams to retelling the story of student life to grandchildren.

The education sector needs:


User-friendly websites

With many target audiences, it’s important to have universal design, easy navigation, good user journeys, and clear communication of studies and information


Simple publishing

Do you have multiple editors and writers on your website or in other systems? Our solutions provide advanced and well-thought-out role-based access control. It should be quick and easy to publish pages and content. Work with the content as end users will see it.


Integrations for increased efficiency

In many cases, there is a need for different systems to communicate and send data to each other. We have developed more than 200+ integrations such as Common Student System (FS), Canvas, Feide, Cristin (NVA coming), Leganto, Oria, Azure AD, and Elastic Search (internal search for studies).


Component library

Building new pages can be time-consuming, and it’s not always easy to know which ‘blocks’ to use. With our component library, you get ready-made solutions for page templates, blocks, information screens, search, content types, articles, flexible pages, events, study programs, study plans, subjects – and much more


Requirements and security

In the education sector, there are strict requirements for data privacy (GDPR), universal design (WCAG), protection against data breaches, hosting, and servers. We have experience with GDPR, WCAG, DPIA, OWASP, and data processing agreements.


Clear communication

Throughout the year, many people visit your website and read the information posted there. Therefore, it’s essential that the content communicates effectively and conveys the message clearly. Our writers are also trained in plain language.

Merethe Bentzen Hammer

We chose Frontkom because the company could demonstrate a number of similar and successful projects in the university sector. In addition, Frontkom has experience in building component libraries and headless CMS in Drupal.

Merete Bentzen Hammer, Project Manager, Sikt

Our experience and expertise provide confidence

Universities and colleges

Frontkom provides digital services for institutions such as UiB, NMBU, NTNU, Nord, HiVolda, UiS, MF, SimulaMet, and VID.


Several of the educational tools on utdanning.no are developed by Frontkom for the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skill.


Frontkom manages and further develops this important service – a free service for those seeking employment or education.

Sikt – Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research

Frontkom delivers portals and web services for Sikt and works daily with services such as FS, Cristin, and Canvas.

Spekter survey

Frontkom, in collaboration with UiS, manages the Specter Survey – a tool used in over 100 Norwegian municipalities.

Recruitment for Upper Secondary Schools and Folk High Schools

Do you want more students? Frontkom assists with recruitment using tools such as TikTok, customer journey mapping, and digital strategy.

The education sector uses us for


We develop CMS solutions with a focus on user interface, speed, and performance. We build robust and reliable systems that are easy to operate and that enhance the customer journey.


Our solution architects ensure seamless integration between all systems. We have developed integrations with FS, Canvas, Feide, Cristin, Leganto, Oria, Azure AD, and more.

Content production

Your message must be seen, heard, and understood. Based on insight and analysis, we formulate the message and create compelling stories that are conveyed through articles, videos, audio, and imagery. In a well-crafted content strategy, everything is interconnected.

Customer journey

We assist you in mapping the student journey and then build the website, navigation, and content accordingly. This involves identifying the most critical junctures and reducing friction in the student journey.

Visibility and Recruitment

Competition for students has intensified, and new channels like TikTok and Snapchat are the way to reach the youth. We assist schools with recruitment and online visibility.


Frontkom offers GDPR-friendly environments in AWS, Azure, GCP, and dedicated EU servers. We assist with data processing agreements, DPIA, and monitoring – and scale infrastructure and teams according to your needs.

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Thor André Gretland

Thor André Gretland

Senior advisor Education

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