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UX design and User Interfaces

Looking through the eyes of a user we see a lot of potential for improvement in the way websites speak to us. A physical or digital product is more than just the product itself; it’s a bout the total experience a customer has when they shop. Good UX therefore means a healthier bottom line.

Design your digital products for humans

Excellent UX and UI (User Interface) design makes sure you deliver on your business goals by solving the customers’ needs. This contributes to making your products more human.

The key is to make your website or application simple and efficient wherever it needs to be. To achieve that you need to use the right development process (and the right advisors).

Meet your users though the core model

When users visit your website they have a goal (or several) in mind. In the core model framework we call these goals “Top Tasks”. When we use the core model we illuminate the areas where your and the user’s goals overlap, so we can focus our efforts and create great user experiences. We do this on so-called core pages, that is, landing pages where we solve your and the user’s tasks at the same time.

Diagram of the Core Model

What is UX design?

Good UX design combines the creative and the technical. The user experience is both about visual impressions and quickly being able to perform the tasks you came to the website to do. Our designers do everything from core model workshops to wireframing, prototyping and design and testing, to create design profiles that are holistic, attractive and practical.


UI design is about how the website performs technically; how the customer journey “flows”. We ensure that your user interfaces underpins the user experience, so finding a product or service on your site is quick and easy.

Why should you invest in good UX/UI design?

Improves conversion rates

for your digital product

Lower support costs

Intuitive product design lets users easily find what they are looking for, without requiring assistance

Increase your profit

as a result of improved conversions, lower costs and higher scores for paid traffic

Improves customer retention

Great digital experiences make clients more likely to return

Better productivity

when your application is easy to navigate, learn and master

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Understand your users

Trusting your gut instinct is easy and comfortable. No adjusting to the demands of others, and we can let the users know what we want them to know. But it doesn’t make for better websites. Luckily we have established processes for user testing, and take care of:

  • Customer research
  • Customer personas and jobs-to-be-done
  • Customer journeys
  • UX audit
  • Product strategy and design thinking workshops
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing

Make your experiences efficient, frictionless and memorable

Great UX is synonymous with high quality products, while design ambiguity works against you.

You want to make sure your product will not need a manual to be used, but be straightforward and intuitive, providing your users with a positive and memorable experience.

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