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Digitalization for organizations and the nonprofit sector

There are 90,000 employees in the voluntary sector, and every year, charitable work and organizations contribute tens of billions of kroner to value creation. The social benefit is enormous. At Frontkom, we contribute to digitizing the sector and increasing revenues. Together, we are passionate about the good causes.

Here are some of the organizations we have provided profitable solutions to

63% of Norway’s population is engaged in voluntary work


Organizations, the nonprofit sector, and volunteering often needs:


Digital solutions

The sector lags behind in terms of digitization and needs to address areas such as membership registers and CRM, automated communications to donors, artificial intelligence, and websites.


Effective donor programs

Many are willing to contribute financially, in fact, nearly half of the Norway´s population. But it needs to be simple. Digitalization also involves seamless integrations that provide excellent donor experiences.


Recruitment and visibility

The support for the nonprofit and voluntary sector is declining. There is a need for targeted communication to increase engagement in important causes. Younger generations must be included.



Government grant programs, application processes, funds, donations, and regular donors. It is challenging to ensure sustainable operations to secure enough funds to support all the worthy causes.

56% of the sector’s income comes from donations by individuals and businesses


Frontkom understands the nonprofit sector, volunteering, and organizations

We also want to make a difference in the world, and our best contribution is to offer digital solutions. We have been working in this sector for more than 20 years.

Frontkom has built a digital platform, website solutions, donation services, and an online store for Plan Norge. For the Childhood Cancer Association (Barnekreftforeningen), we work on websites, CRM, and communication services. We are proud of our contribution that helped them secure the TV Telethon in 2024, enabling them to realize many of the important projects they are passionate about.

While our clients have the noble causes, Frontkom has the tools to make their goals achievable. Investing in digitalization is profitable.

Our consultants, developers, designers, and communicators know where the needs are greatest and what it takes to solve them. This gives us an edge.

Steinar Sødal, administrasjonsleder i Barnekreftforeningen

We collaborate with Frontkom on both technology and content, but we also appreciate their commitment to issues that are important to us. An example of this is ‘Fotballtrøyefredag,’ one of our campaigns to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Steinar Sødal, Administrative Manager at the Childhood Cancer Association (Barnekreftforeningen)


These services and products are needed by the industry

Websites that inform and convert

Your website is your most crucial information channel. Frontkom has the technology, designers, developers, and content creators who transform great ideas and communication into user-friendly websites and mobile applications.

Fundraising, campaigns and donor strategy

We analyze your market and refine your target audiences. Then, we assist you in creating engaging and creative campaigns that strike a chord. Giving should be rewarding – and easy. We collaborate with all the most commonly used payment solutions.

CRM and membership systems

Your members are invaluable and deserve excellent care and a lot of attention. You can’t achieve that without a tried and user-friendly CRM system. Investing in digitalization is profitable. We collaborate with Cornerstone, partner with HubSpot, and find the best solution for you.

Content production and social media

Good technology is crucial for success, but it means little if your message isn’t well-crafted. Frontkom has content producers and communication consultants who have been working in the sector for a long time and know how text, images, audio, and video can make an impact.

Consulting and donor journey

The customer journey must be thoroughly worked through – from social media, through the website, to the thank-you email you send out. Our experienced consultants help you design a seamless donor journey and eliminate friction along the way. The goal is that those who want to contribute are left with a positive experience.

Training and education

We are familiar with the regulations and support programs and are happy to teach what we know. Whether you need to understand the technology better or improve your writing or filming skills, we can help with that too. We are your agency partner to succeed in your noble cause.

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