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Content strategy and production

Quality content builds credibility and trust, and creates stronger bonds between you and your customers. Content which helps customers with their own questions and everyday challenges will let them build a relationship with you that traditional marketing can’t. A good content strategy facilitates for both quality content and effective content production.

Frontkom helps you with strategy and produces content for different channels like articles, ebooks, guides, webinars, video, podcasts and social media messaging.

How do you treat your content?

Writing a blog article is one thing, but what you do with it is decisive. Existing customers need to know that you wrote it and potential customers have to be able to find it on Google. That’s why we’ve got skills at SEO, email marketing and the rest of the Inbound toolbox.

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Increased sales

Content creates trust, and trust generates sales. Unlike a time limited commercial or ad, you can reap the harvest from relevant content for a long time.

Measurable results

A content strategy lets you learn from both your successes and mistakes. We keep track of what works and not for you, so that we can do more of what gives results.

Effective content production

Sytematize content production to make it as time efficient as possible. We have the processes in place which lets you focus on what you’re best at.

Content that hits the mark

You know who you want to reach with your content. The target group(s) you’ve selected should have their specific questions answered. So that you can do effective content marketing we perform customer surveys where we talk directly to your customers. Our goal is that whatever your target group is wondering about in your field, they will have answers to on your website.

Six ingredients for good content


Vision, mission and values

Why does your business exist? How do you relate to social challenges? What gets you out of bed in the morning and what values guide you?

These are questions you should have answers to in order to know what to write about and from what angle.


Brand personality

Is your business modern or traditional, informative or opinion forming?

Being synced on these things can contribute to shape your unique digital voice.


Tone of voice

When you know what elements make up your personality, you can communicate in a way which reflects it.


Content production

To make your message stand out in the jungle out there you need the right strategy, many different content formats and several channels you publish it in.

We help you with all kinds of editorial production and know all the best tricks in the book.


Images, video and graphics

Yes, text is an important source for website traffic, but content is more than text.

Customers want to see who you are, and we help show your personality, whether it’s on social media or your website.


Inbound marketing

Reply to your customers’ questions and make the answers visible. Simple as that.

We find out what they are asking, and how you should answer. Read more about how we work with Inbound Marketing here.


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