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Good payment solutions contribute to increased sales!

Choosing a payment solution is important, and it can be complicated. That is why we deliver market-leading flexibility and freedom of choice, so that your online store can offer the most favorable options.

Online shopping must be safe and experiences as such. It must also be fast, seamless and beneficial. The solutions we offer are therefore quality assured, and we only offer alternatives that meet these requirements.

Some of our payment options

Tailored to your customers needs

Your customers experience with different payment solutions impact their will to pay. Every payment solution has it’s own characteristics, and we share of our knowledge to find the most suitable options tailored for your e-commerce store.

Characteristics of selected payment solutions:

  • All-in-one: Payment solution, reconciliation and payout
  • Online portal: Full overview everywhere
  • Good solutions both for B2B and B2C

  • Payment made very quick and simple
  • Strong trust amongst consumers
  • Most suitable for B2C
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  • High flexibility and user-friendly
  • Option for both invoice and installment
  • Increased security and trust for the customer


We ensure seamless integration between your systems, so that accounting, shipping and other processes are automated!


Good payment solutions contribute to increased sales!

Combined with our cooperation agreements, we ensure that your online store gets the best deals, so that you both save on expenses and increase your income.

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Thomas Kulvik

Thomas Kulvik

Senior Advisor E-commerce