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Frontkom builds e-commerce stores that gets results

We design and develop top-notch e-commerce and omnichannel solutions tailored to your specific business needs. And most importantly, tailored to your customers.

An e-commerce store should not only look good and work, it should also deliver results through items in the shopping basket and good content that attracts new customers to the company. We help you find the best online store solution for your needs.

Frontkom has delivered dozens of online stores to companies in a wide range of industries, usually integrated with CRM and other business systems. With us you will find some of the world’s foremost experts on Drupal and WordPress – which are the two platforms on which we build online stores.

In addition, we have extensive expertise in advertising, SEO and content production, and can help you create the content you need to succeed online.

Winners in e-commerce and omnichannel

Our services

A good customer experience does not come entirely by itself

Strategy & Advice

What are your next steps? Behind the achievement of goals and good results, there is often a well-thought-out and feasible strategy. We understand the importance of your business having a clear plan and direction. Let us help you define and implement a strategy that will guide you on the path to success.

E-commerce & Omnichannel

Together with customers, we build seamless, scalable online commerce experiences that respond to their omnichannel strategy. We are a center of expertise in e-commerce, open source code, headless architecture and systems that require complex integrations.

Integrations & Technical Architecture

Our solution architects ensure a seamless flow between all systems. Increasingly advanced web systems entail a need for complex integrations. With our expertise in the field, your online store gets enormous opportunities!

Customer Club

Customers are increasingly demanding a good shopping experience, and those who do not meet the requirements will be in danger of losing customers to competitors. A customer club will be absolutely essential for online stores in the future to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Payment alternatives

Choosing a payment solution is important, and it can be complicated. That is why we deliver market-leading flexibility and freedom of choice, so that your online store can offer the most favorable options. We are partners with Vipps MobilePay, Nets, Klarna, PayPal, Svea and others.

Shipping options

Through our collaboration with the most efficient carriers, you can offer the market’s best shipping options to your customers. We ensure seamless integration with a quick and easy setup. We collaborate with, among others, Bring/Posten, PostNord, Consignor and Porterbuddy.

Why choose Frontkom?

Heavy platform expertise

Frontkom is one of Norway’s leading experts on ecommerce stores. Several of our consultants have had online shopping as their most important investment area since the early days of the internet. We help you find the best online store solution for your needs.

We integrate towards “everything”

Our technical team has extensive experience in integrating web solutions with a wide range of different business systems. We have developed hundreds of integrations, so that the website becomes part of a larger online store platform.

Proven methods

We create online store solutions based on proven methods, which support the company’s business goals. Regardless of whether you operate in the B2C or B2B segment.

All the expertise in one place

Frontkom has all the expertise and technical solutions you need to plan, operate and succeed with your e-commerce venture: development, design, integration, content, analysis, advertising, communication and lead management.

Some of our clients

Where should you put your efforts when it comes to e-commerce?

Create seamless experiences

If you get a bad user experience, 80% of users will stop using your website. That is why it is important to have updates in real time, customized offers, advanced search and good payment solutions.

Keep your customers

65% of the company’s business comes from returning customers (PwC report, 2018). Marketing automation, alerts, real-time updates, promotions, reviews and more will engage your users and give them a great experience.

Build an ecosystem for sales around the customer journey

Be with your customers at every step of their purchasing journey. We help you design and develop omnichannel for e-commerce.

Growth in e-commerce is data-driven

No e-commerce platform is a sustainable effort without effective measurements, analysis and improvement. We are ready to help you plan for growth. A comprehensive analysis system that measures customer loyalty is essential to strengthen data-driven business decisions.

How do we make your e-commerce succeed?

Desktop optimized e-commerce store

Build a custom B2B or B2C e-commerce solution. Our e-commerce specialists will help you choose the technology and website architecture that suits your business needs.

Mobile optimized e-commerce store

You can only leave one first impression. Do it with amazing graphics.

Content and UX-reviews

We ensure that you optimize the user experience for customers. Through all phases of the customer journey.

Digital marketing

Page placement, paid ads and much more. All this for your e-commerce to be one step ahead of the competition.

Data and content migration

Don’t let technology stop your growth. Our developers will help you migrate flawlessly from your outdated solution without losing key data.

Custom integrations

The e-commerce ecosystem is large and growing. It relies on multiple systems: ERP, PIM, third party supply side systems, invoicing, shipping and multiple payment gateways.

E-commerce Solutions

Our team of expert web developers and consultants will help you choose the technology best suited for your business model.

See more technologies

The projects we like best are where we have the opportunity to influence your investment over time. We want to have the opportunity to use the experience we have built up through working with some of the Nordic region’s biggest brands in your particular project.

Thomas Kulvik, CCO


We make it easy to create an online business integrated with Visma.net

Frontkom works with Cloud connectivity to make online business faster and easier than before.

The shift and development of SaaS ERP systems makes it easier to focus on creating business and not just systems. Let’s talk about how we can help grow your business.


Frontkom is Vipps MobilePay Premium Partner

Creating high-quality customer experiences is one of the keys to success, no matter what business you’re in.

We help you optimize digital touchpoints by building a targeted website aligned with your business goals, which is the hub of your digital ecosystem.

Want to know more about e-commerce? Tell me about your needs and let’s talk!

Thomas Kulvik

Thomas Kulvik

Senior advisor E-commerce

Some of the companies we’ve worked with