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Build a brand that makes an impact and choose a branding company that has a proven process to deliver it. Whether you are a startup looking for a new brand strategy or an established business wanting to rebrand, your visual communication must make a lasting impact.

Branding is the foundation of the customer experiences you build

Unique brand identity is vital to engage and captivate your customers and employees.


Brand recognition

Grab attention! The average customer makes a decision about your product within the first 20 seconds. We will make your brand stick out.


Brand scalability

Make your brand future-proof to avoid unnecessary costs and distractions when you grow. Your branding can become a system of visual identification that covers multiple products or sub brands, ready for further expansion in the future.


Customer loyalty

Create customer engagement that will keep them coming back. Customer decisions aren’t dictated by price any more – those days are over. Your clients look for strong brands with core principles and values they can relate to and trust.


Branding your employees identify with

Think: less staff turnover, better employee engagement, loyalty and good spirits. A brand identity that your employees can relate is a straight path for better engagement and resoults.


Brand integrity

Brand consistency helps you save time and money. We build a systematic brand ecosystem and coordinate your communication design. Your marketing department will know how to put it to good use.


Foundation for your marketing and sales efforts

Your company branding needs to be built with target audiences in mind to optimize your sales efforts. The brand voice and graphic design that you end up with should clearly show the direction for your sales and marketing communication.

Unforgettable experiences

Only the best brand experiences drive customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

Branding is not just visuals and logo design! Give your customer an experience that no competitor can give. Keep it consistent and make it unforgettable.

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Client says

Every presentation, at each step of the process, contained an educational part. It allowed all stakeholders to have a full understanding of the branding process.

Jarosław Jurczak · Executive VP, Grodno S.A.

Your brand is worth too much to leave it to chance

A logo is not a pretty picture. Branding is not a colour palette. Investment in your brand will pay off for years. Cheap branding is a path to losing the chance for the most powerful tool you can use in the battle for customers’ attention. Frontkom is a branding firm with a team of professionals and a proven record of delivering a brand identity that shines.

  • Done through a proven process
  • Scalable and future-ready
  • Captures your values
  • Done by professional designers
  • Done together – you are constantly involved
  • Done according to design principles

Focused on experiences

We help you create your brand world. It’s a process and we are in this together – impressing your clients while building a long-term relationship with you.

Socially impactful

Brands have the power to shape reality. Choosing the right brand identity agency is a make or break for your audience and employees to believe your brand can really make a change.

Robust process

We guide you through a proven process that makes sure your new brand strategy will reflect your business goals and your organization’s identity.

Experienced team

Good branding is as much artistry as science. There are rules and best practices that we stick to, whether we’re working on a rebranding process for your existing brand or starting from scratch.

How we will work together


Discovery and research


Ideation and sketches


Moodboards and logo proposals


Key visual and brandbook



Our team

Your branding and visual communication is too important to be left to chance.Our branding process is conducted by an interdisciplinary team – professional designers, business consultants, and analysts.

To make your brand effective, we reference the latest trends as well as core principles of visual design that have not changed for decades.

Łukasz Fedorowicz
Head of Design

Dreams branding design systems and creates them in motion while awake.

Agata Kosowska
UX/UI Designer

I see brands as great stories. Brand design is about highly engaging storytelling.

Magdalena Skrzypek
UX/UI Designer

Communicate your brand in an engaging and memorable way.

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