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Frontkom, your WordPress agency

Project management

Project management based on agile processes and experience with 100+ development projects. We focus on delivering on budget and setting realistic goals.


As a WordPress website design agency, we can run a full design process or implement designs from other design agencies into your WordPress site, with high quality frontend implementation.

Senior developers

Dedicated team of skilled PHP developers with high seniority in WordPress development. We offer all types of WordPress development services, and provide quality code for a secure and fast website.

WordPress client stories

Why choose WordPress


Web editors love WordPress. Creating and changing content is quick and easy.

Huge community

Worldwide, there are about 30,000 developers, and there is a plugin for almost anything, which makes development cheaper.

Open source

WordPress as a core product is free. No expensive licenses and no invoices from WordPress.

Gutenberg Cloud

Gutenberg is the new page builder in WordPress. Gutenberg Cloud is a solution we have created to be able to use the same design elements in several different CMS. Use the same blocks you made for WordPress in another CMS, like Drupal. Yes, it’s possible!

Our vision is to help Gutenberg become the “page builder for the open web”. This has attracted attention, not only in the WordPress community but also in other CMS such as Drupal and Laravel. Check out Gutenberg Cloud and test what it is like to work in Gutenberg on our website Gutenberg Cloud.

Good match for WordPress

Online store

WooCommerce is an e-commerce solution built on WordPress, and allows you to set up products, discounts, payment solutions and much more.

Online newspaper

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery gives our developers full control of release and near zero down-time during updates.

Marketing pages

Hacker protected cloud environments optimized for performance and security.

Campaign pages

Frontkom has built a cloud environment for your visual elements. Use your designs across multiple platforms!

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